First off – it feels so weird to be posting something other than a six sentence snippet on Sunday! 😉 I’ve signed up for Skye Warren’s New Proposal, which is actually based on a monthly schedule; you can sign up starting from the first Sunday of the month and post your excerpts on the third. We’ll see how that works out. And I’m interested in a few other possibilities, including Weekend Writing Warriors and the Unaffiliated Six Sentence Sunday Facebook Group. But I didn’t get it together to join either of those for this week.

Instead, I wanted to post today about drawing! I’ve been working through Betty Edward’s “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” for several months on and off now; a few pre-instruction sketches the last week of October, quite a bit of reading and some drawing in December, and an upside-down drawing every day in February. I’ve put this onto my February goals list, that I want to timeslice some drawing stuff six days a week, (either reading from the book or a drawing exercise, or both,) and added a new letter to my Calendar of Goal Tracking for it; A for Art.

So I want to share some of my drawings with you, faithful friends and followers, and I had a flatbed scanner sitting around on a shelf, one that my Mom didn’t want. So after several days of telling myself that this was the day I scanned pictures for the blog, I finally…

Flat scanner

  • Got it out.
  • Found a place to put it where I could plug it in
  • Plugged it into power
  • Plugged it into the netbook
  • Went through the ‘Add/Remove software wizard’
  • Downloaded a driver software pack manually because the wizard didn’t install right
  • Restarted the netbook
  • Opened the HP scanning app and told it to start a scan.
  • Got tired of waiting for the ‘Please wait, warming up lamp’ message to go away.
  • Forced the HP scanning app to  shutdown because it wasn’t responding.
  • Sent an error message about the nonresponsive program to Microsoft. 😉
  • Found the new entry under my Control Panel’s ‘Scanners and Cameras’ section
  • Took a test scan.

Now, the item that I was test scanning was a pencil line drawing on white paper. But here’s how it scanned through:drawing

Sigh. I guess I’m gonna need a better scanner.

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