Valentine Fanfic flashbacks: Inside Track and You Can’t Resist It

Hey, everybody – Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you get a chance to try the Ferris Wheel Google Doodle? What was your favorite animal love match? I kinda dug the hippo and the bird myself – at least they look like they’re having fun on the sled. 😉

hippo1 hippo2

I’m a bit of a Valentine’s scrooge, but trying to look for the bright side of the holiday today reminded me of a few sweet and Roswell stories that I’ve written in years past involving the season, so I’m going to ramble a bit about them, and give links to in case you want to read more.

Inside Track is a valentine’s-themed story that I started in early February of 2007 – according to my old word counting spreadsheets it looks like I had most of it written by the week after Valentine’s day – and then I didn’t get the epilog written until April. (This was in the years before I was doing NaNoEdMo in March or Script Frenzy in April.)

It’s a fun little plot that cut through the soapy melodrama that filled the second season of the series with a simple and light premise – Kyle sees Liz mooning over Max from a safe distance and offers her a Valentine’s day pact: Kyle will run interference with Tess, offering up his best romantic charm to keep Tess from butting her nose into Liz’s love life. And Liz will do her best to get back together with Max. But things aren’t quite that easy – Tess is living as a foster child in Kyle’s house, for one thing. And she manages to misunderstand Kyle’s interest in her…

You Can’t Resist It is actually a New Year’s Eve story in terms of its subject matter and content, as you can tell from the banner. But it’s a fun and romantic story about Max and Liz, and I started it in late December 2009 with the idea that it would be finished in time for Valentine’s day 2010 – and I actually reached that target!

I’m not sure what else to say about this story that isn’t in the somewhat wordy banner text. It’s set in the middle of season one of the show, and mixes up the chronology of events somewhat by having the dream lovers discover the Pod Cave several months early, among other things. I particular like the scene where Liz opens up enough to read Max passages out of her diary – I went back to transcripts of early season one episodes and included some of the voiceovers of what Liz had written in her diary in the show, and then gave those passages a new twist by showing what Max felt when he heard them.

So, that’s me rambling out. Do you have any Valentine’s Day writing that you’re particularly proud of?

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