Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues #4

Hi there, friends and followers. If it’s early Sunday morning, then it must be time for Weekend Writing Warriors! This time, we’ve left Jack in hot water and gone into a flashback of a conversation with his son Andrew…


First snippet Second snippet Third snippet

“I’m through scared and I’m on the other side already, and I’ve thought about it,” Jack said. “Inoperable tumors aren’t natural either, or at least they shouldn’t be, but they’re what I’ve got: them, and five months before I’m too sick to get out of bed. And I want to make them count.”

“So, you’re going to lock yourself in a freezer for months at a time, just coming out for birthday parties and special occasions?”

“It’s not a freezer. It’s like a nice hotel room. They’ve got hundreds of them in the local TimeBubble building, and one’s mine for as long as I keep up the payments on it.”

“Level with me. Are you trying to buy yourself more time in case some new treatment gets invented in the future?”

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13 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues #4

  1. Tempting to freeze time. Nice job.


  2. daezarkian says:

    Great dialogue! I love the snippet about living in a freezer, nicely done. ;D


  3. Ann Swann says:

    Great 8. Can’t wait to read more!


  4. This whole concept is so intriguing – I’m fascinated. Can’t wait to see what you do with it next – terrific snippet!


  5. Dana says:

    Fantastic, I’m intrigued by the concept. And I really like the way it ends, questioning the use of technology. 🙂


  6. Debbie says:

    Such an intriguing premise and so many questions! Looking forward to the next instalment.


  7. Freezing time. haven’t we all wanted to do that at one point or another.


  8. So what’s wrong with hoping a cure will be found?


  9. Kate Warren says:

    Sounds more like renting time to me, but that’s a great question. Maybe he’s just trying to stay alive a bit longer, cure or no cure. It’s understandable.


  10. Debra says:

    I’m really curious. I wonder what Jack’s answer is going to be. Have a great week


  11. This is a very interesting and unique story. Good 8.


  12. Jess Schira says:

    Intriguing snippet. I like way they described the situation.


  13. (I confess! I confess to my crime! I’ll watch my 8 in the future, Silly me was thinking dialogue lines not sentences. It was late.)

    Now, can I have one of these rooms til my teens are older and married? No?


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