New tech and building magic.

Well, I didn’t get as much done on editing as I’d hoped today, because a few other things ate up a lot of my time. First – new computer!






I actually picked the desktop up from the local post office yesterday evening, but I was up pretty late getting it set up, loading Windows updates, and then spent a good part of the day copying audio files over to it, loading programs, and shopping for a comfortable USB keyboard. The keyboard showing in those last 2 photos is a Roll-up keyboard I got with my eeePC, and it’s much worse than any tiny netbook keyboard, no matter how much bigger it is.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a refurbished desktop computer, but it seems to be pretty good, except for one thing: if I try putting a flash drive into one of the USB ports in the front of the machine, it immediately powers down! I think I can live with it, but I may call Best Buy about it.

From the high-tech, I spent some time this afternoon talking about planning magical gear. I had the idea a little while ago to put together a Harry Dresden outfit in time for the Ad Astra convention in early April. I’m not planning to get too fancy with it, and things are coming together pretty well. I’ve asked my mother for help with two pieces for the ensemble: the pentacle that Harry wears hanging over his chest and the shield bracelet for his left wrist.

Mom’s been working on a few ideas, and today she took me down to a bead jewelry supplies store down in Dundas that she frequents to look at a few things. I picked out a piece of leather and a half-dozen pieces to put onto it for the shield bracelet, a narrow black cord to hang the pentacle from, and a type of little white beads that she’s going to work on weaving the pentacle out of.

So I’m pleased with that. I also got some dark jeans that look Harry-ish, and a broom shaft that I think will make a decent blasting rod. A leather duster is a little out of my price range, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got a long raincoat around that should do in a pinch. Looking forwards to the show!


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