Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues 6

Hey there, friends and followers. Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, for another eight sentence snippet of my story ‘Time Bubble Blues.’ I’m going to skip forward just a hair, out of the flashback, and back into Jack’s present predicament.


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Jack tried to figure out what to do. Banging on the door didn’t seem promising. All the time bubble rooms were completely soundproof. There was a layer of vacuum going around the room; that was part of how they built the time bubble field.

There was no other obvious way of signaling outside. The panic button system was so simple, so easy to use, and so apparently foolproof that he’d never asked about a backup. 

Thirty-five hours outside to one hour inside. That meant that by outside time, it was… 3AM tomorrow.

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11 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues 6

  1. Yep, this is a predicament. Hope he can figure this thing out.


  2. Summer Ross says:

    I’d say he has a big problem! Great snippet.


  3. I had a feeling there were going to be problems LOL. Love this concept and can’t wait to see what’s next – excellent excerpt!


  4. Ooh, I like. Lots of tension and wondering if he’ll ever get out of there. And, if so, how much time will he have lost on the other side?


  5. I hope he finds some way out. I tweeted.


  6. Gemma Parkes says:

    Love your attention to detail, exciting snippet.


  7. daezarkian says:

    Terrific detail!


  8. ALWAYS plan for failsafes!


  9. Debra S says:

    Very interesting. Good tension.


  10. Jenny says:

    Oh man, he sure seems to be in trouble.


  11. Kate Warren says:

    Always have a backup! Awesome eight!


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