Camp Nano Spotlight: Corner of the King

Minor programming note, if you’re dropping by for Insecure Writers Support Group, I won’t be doing anything specific for IWSG in April, but I encourage you to check out what my guest Campers have to say. And I’ll make sure to put up an IWSG post on May 1st.

With that said… Good morning, friends, followers, and A-Z challengers, and welcome back to my A-Z challenge theme: interviews of writers participating in Camp Nanowrimo for April 2013. Today the spotlight is shining on Katie King, and her blog Corner of the King.

How did you find out about Camp Nanowrimo?
At some point last year I decided I wanted to get back into writing. My current job allows me a lot of free time, and I wanted to find some way to use it constructively. So instead of actually writing, which I probably should have done, I started reading about writing. I did a lot of websurfing in search of helpful tips and articles and free courses and such. It was during that search that I happened upon the Nanowrimo site. The rest is history!

Have you participated in Camp Nano before? If so, would you call it a success?
I’ve not yet had the privilege of pitching a tent with the Nano community, so April will be my first go-round. I like camping, but I much prefer drinking beer and eating s’mores to actually building the fire and putting up the tent… so I’m a bit nervous about being able to hack it. I did attempt the original November challenge last year, and no, I would not consider said attempt successful.

Do you know what you’re going to write this year?
Yep. Well, kinda. I have a general idea that I’ve been trying to bring into focus for at least six months, maybe a bit longer. So it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, which hopefully will help me reach my goal.

What’s your favorite part of your Camp project?
The heartache and raw emotion of it. It’s going to be complete hell for my MC. 

Sneaky Ninja question! What’s your hobby horse?
Ninja questions. There’s always a ninja question.

I’m going to assume you just asked what I am irrationally passionate about. And that’s a tough question, and one I’m afraid I don’t have a rousing answer to. Because at this very moment, I have to say it’s Antony Starr, the leading man on the new Cinemax series Banshee. I am so irrationally obsessed with that show and that man that I spent an hour on Pinterest this morning looking for pictures of him and stills of the show. And then I IMDb’d him, and found every other TV show/movie he’s played in. Put those in my Netflix queue. Then I read his biography. So…yeah.


I have expressed myself through writing from a very young age. I was probably 10 years old when I wrote The Cat Robber, a story about a feline brother and sister detective duo on a mission to find the notorious cat robber. It is hilarious to go back and read that piece now (original illustrations and all!), because even at 10 I had a clear, quite funny voice. Then I transitioned into poetry and noveling. But once I got busier with high school sports, academics, and then into college, I fell out of the writing habit. Writing had always been cathartic and I missed it, but I haven’t written steadily for probably 12 years.

I decided to find ways to motivate myself to write, and to better my writing. I don’t have a voice anymore and I don’t know who I am as a writer – though I know crime drama isn’t my thing anymore. So I participated, albeit poorly, in Nanowrimo 2012. I started a blog, Corner of the King, to detail my frustrations and victories along my journey back to writing. Hopefully one day I will reach readers the way talented authors reached me.

Best of luck, Katie, and never stop torturing your MC! 😛


8 Responses to Camp Nano Spotlight: Corner of the King

  1. The Golden Eagle says:

    Great interview!

    I love going back and reading the works I wrote when I was little. They’re so funny.


  2. Jemima Pett says:

    I really enjoyed your interview. Katie, you sound like you’re discovering your new voice and it’s about to surge out of you! Good luck to you and you cabinmates!
    Jemima at Jemima’s blog


  3. Hart Johnson says:

    My writing group started a June WriMo before NaNoWriMo started Camp WriMo, so while I don’t do the camp, I DO do a summer WriMo. I love writing that way. Fun interview.


  4. Katie says:

    Thank you Chris, for featuring my interview! Can’t wait to hear from the rest of your victims!


  5. The hardest part is digging and just typing, no matter what. I have every confidence you can do it, Katie! Wishing you much luck :).


  6. […] He is doing the A-Z Blogging Challenge, and he is featuring Nano Campers in each of his posts! My interview under “C” has already run, but I wanted to thank him again for interviewing […]


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