Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues 9

Good morning! This is Chris Kelworth, comin’ at ya seven days a week for April. Well, I’m posting Camp Nanowrimo A-Z spotlights six days a week, and still keeping up with Weekend Writing Warriors. So here’s this week’s eight sentence snippet for ‘Time Bubble Blues.’ Jack still needs to find a way out of his TimeBubble room.


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The duct was narrow enough that he couldn’t crawl into it, and it didn’t appear to lead to any other rooms or any destination that he could send a message to. In fact, it only went three or four feet past the wall, and there was some kind of a nozzle and a machine that looked a little like the inside of an air conditioner. That was no good.

He was going about this whole thing the wrong way. There were files full of information about the TimeBubble residential facility and emergency procedures on the computer’s storage unit. He should have started there.

He found the room schematics first, and gasped. He hadn’t remembered that his digs here were so enclosed—like a bottle, there was only one way out.

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13 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Time Bubble Blues 9

  1. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Now that sounds ominous–a bottleneck is never a good escape route. Hope he has a good plan. Great tention!


  2. I agree–sounds very ominous. Like a genie, trapped in a bottle. I’m wondering how he’s going to get out! Great eight!


  3. daezarkian says:

    Nice scene setup and great use of detail, love it!


  4. I have claustrophobia now! I love that he tried to just escape first rather than reading the manuals LOL. Terrific snippet!


  5. That doesn’t sound good at all. He’s in a real pickle. Wonderful excerpt! Tweeted.


  6. Oh dear. This sounds like quite the mess. But, if he has a computer, could he use it to send a message to the people in charge of this thing?


  7. Question is, is information also sealed off?


  8. jessschira says:

    That last line sounds really ominous. Compelling snippet!


  9. He wrote the Time Bubble Clock program himself. Maybe he needs to double check his program for errors? Is there someone on the outside who can over-ride the controls? Wondering where this will lead.


  10. John Van Vliet says:

    In real life I am a bit claustrophobic. The opening paragraph made me want to … Well, anyway. Nicely done! 🙂


  11. ED Martin says:

    Typical guy – action first, then when that doesn’t work relying on his brain. 😀 Great snippet!


  12. Only one way out is not good. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  13. lilymugford says:

    Love this snippet and want more….


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