It’s always nice to feel Liebster-ed.

It wasn’t too long since I swiped a Liebster, but during the craziness of the A-Z challenge Micki actually bestowed one on me! She didn’t give me questions to answer or quote exact rules, but I’m going to go old-school based on the rest of the rules I got from Tammy back in January: share 11 new facts, pass it on to eleven bloggers with eleven questions to answer. (Maybe if I’m not answering questions, the people who I tag will answer the questions I ask: I remember back in January somebody answered the same questions I got. A little annoying, but oh well.)


Facts about me:

  1. I’m going to New Hampshire this summer! 😉
  2. I reached 50k for Camp Nanowrimo.
  3. I’ve got an exercise for How to Think Sideways, lesson 2 to start tonight after I finish this blog post.
  4. I just had spaghetti, tomato sauce, and leftover Swiss Chalet chicken for dinner.
  5. I bought a cell phone mount for my car this weekend, so that I can see GPS navigation aps as I drive.
  6. I’ve written three simple Android apps with App Inventor.
  7. I am, just this minute, listening to the Barenaked Ladies covering “Do they know it’s Christmas”.
  8. I own a Creative Zen Micro MP3 player that will no longer connect to a computer to change the music loaded on it.
  9. My apartment has already started to get uncomfortably warm in the afternoons.
  10. There is a collection of stuffed animal toys in my living room including one cat, two beanie graduate owls with plush miter board caps, a bunny rabbit, a pony in pajamas who comes with a teddy bear of his own, two gray mice, and a panda bear.
  11. I just thought my iphone was ringing, but when I went to check it, not only were there no missed calls, it was switched to silent. 😉

My Nominees:

Okay, since I apparently earned this Liebster off the strength of my A-Z spotlights, all my nominees are bloggers who graciously contributed their time to fill out an interview! 🙂 Luckily, it just so happens that there were eleven of them who gave me blog URLs:

  1. Zelie Petronella
  2. Rebekah Loper
  3. The Write ES Jones
  4. Off the Beaten Plan
  5. Ruby Manuela (at her new dot-com address! Also check out classic Ruby @
  6. Lindathorlakson
  7. Kyra Halland
  8. Writings Of A NaNoWriMoer
  9. It’s Your Life – It’s Your Marathon
  10. The Corner of the King
  11. [K.] Moonstone

So, your challenge, should you be blogger enough to accept it:

  • Answer the following 11 questions
  • Share 11 facts about you
  • Pass the Liebster on to 11 favorite blogs
  • Come up with 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.

Your questions are all Sneaky Ninja questions that were left over in the digital hat after I’d finished sending out spotlight interviews!

  1. What’s your most annoying habit?
  2. Are you more of a planner, or a spontaneous person?
  3. Are you organized or messy?
  4. Who’s the best character you’ve ever written and why?
  5. If you had one day left to live, what’s one thing you’d want to spend that time on?
  6. Who is the most important person in your life?
  7. Are you working on anything writing-wise at the moment, or taking a post-Camp break?
  8. What catchphrase do you say often in conversation?
  9. Out of your favourite fictional characters, who’d make the best sneaky ninja?
  10. Where are your backup files?
  11. Do you believe in true love?

6 Responses to It’s always nice to feel Liebster-ed.

  1. Donna Hole says:

    I enjoyed this Chris; and I totally dig your questions to the recipients.

    Good luck on your trip; Spaghetti is one of my favorite foods too; did you get paid for the ap’s; sheesh, you’re so retro, do you own any 21st century computer systems (except the GPS and Xbox); YAY for STUFFIES 🙂

    Have a good week Chris.



    • Hehe. Most of my tech is ’21st century’ since that’s about the time I got a job and more money to spend on tech. But 12 years is a lot. My most recent computer system is actually a windows 7 refurb, and I like it, though finding 64 bit drivers has been a bit of an issue.

      And no, no pay for the apps so far. They’re just practice from tutorials that a lot of other students have done before me, but still fun.


  2. Enjoy your Liebster Award, and thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll check out your A – Z entries in a while. I did not get to visit all the blogs in April.


  3. […] the comments on my last post, Chris Kelworth nominated me for a Liebster award! This is a just-for-fun award, a way to highlight some favorite […]


  4. I’m deeply honored to be among your nominees. I’m currently in the process of preparing my acceptance post. Since I’ll be providing a link to your blog, I’d be delighted to include a sentence or 2 about your blog (something to motivate others to take a peak at it if they haven’t done so already). Or, better yet, maybe some of your followers would like to be quoted as to why they’re followers.


  5. Hey, thanks! You can always take some sentences from my ‘About the author’ page, I think it still sums up what I’m trying to do with this blog pretty well, nearly three years in. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable asking my followers why they like me. 😉


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