Weekend Writing Warriors – The Aurigae Express 2

Good morning! It’s time for the next eight sentences from my Camp Nanowrimo project “The Aurigae Express.” To briefly set the scene, Alan and Diane are police partners who’ve volunteered to visit an alien planet where very few Earthlings have gone, to track down a fugitive and retrieve her ill-gotten millions. They’ve boarded an alien ship that takes Earthling passengers through hyperspace.


First Snippet

A thought sprung into Alan’s head of Coyote on her own Aurigae Express trip. If she’d feared Global Justice at all, this must have been nerve-racking for her, knowing that she was essentially helpless until the ship arrived on Argos. And just at this point in her own trip, Pete had been frantically trying to stop the launch. Had she any idea how close they’d been to snatching her?

A new countdown appeared on the wall, with less than three minutes to go, with the letters capital HSI after it. Was that for Hyper Spacial Insertion or something?

And a few seconds later they weren’t there anymore. Not Alan, Diane, the Aurigae crew, the earthling passengers, or the ship.

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8 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – The Aurigae Express 2

  1. I really wonder what kind of planet they are going to “land” to. Are they even landing or just appearing somewhere else?
    I think I like this story.


  2. Intriguing, loved the tone of the excerpt! Can’t wait to know more.


  3. Kate Warren says:

    Weren’t there? Where did they go? I thought they had a couple of minutes left before take-off. Starting things off quickly. I like it. šŸ˜€


  4. This conveys a sense of urgency and foreboding. Nice.


  5. Less than 3 minutes to go but that much less?


  6. Whoops! Sorry guys, I cut out a few sentences before ‘…And a few seconds later’ because they didn’t seem to be moving the action along, and didn’t realize the inconsistency that created with the three minute countdown.


  7. Oh boy. This sounds like a somewhat nerve-wracking way to travel. Interesting snippet.


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