Road to Odyssey update

Things are moving along fairly well in terms of my preparations to attend the Odyssey writing workshop. Jeanne sent out a couple of updates over the weekend, including one introducing me to the guy I’ll be sharing a residence apartment with–except that I already know him a little from his blog: JW from Author Alden! How cool is that? I know I’ve surfed over to his place for Insecure Writer’s Support Group and the My Favorite Martian blog hop.  He’s a Nano writer too, which is definitely something good to have in common.

Jeanne’s updates also included some more information about what will be expected of us when we get to the workshops, (classes most days from 9am-1pm, then working on our writing most of the rest of the day,) and suggestions for what we’ll probably want to bring. So I’ve got plenty more ideas for packing, even though the final list of what I want to take probably won’t be settled for three weeks plus. I’m hoping to be able to take the laser printer, and some pots and dishes to cook with in the apartment. The toughest part there is that we’re unlikely to be able to use a microwave, because the wiring in the dorms can’t take it. 😦

I went down to the mall this morning, to get a US money order made out for the residence fees and mail it off. That’s the last of the money I owe Odyssey. My to-do list is starting to shape up, and four weeks from now I’ll be looking back on my first day of classes and writing in New Hampshire.

Yay! 😉

One Response to Road to Odyssey update

  1. Hi! I am going to be one of your classmates this year at Odyssey! I hope all is going well in preparation. If you have any questions about NH let me know. I grew up in the area.


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