Weekend Writing Warriors – The Aurigae Express 3

Good morning! It’s time for the next eight sentences from my Camp Nanowrimo project “The Aurigae Express.” To briefly set the scene, Alan and Diane are police partners who’ve volunteered to visit an alien planet where very few Earthlings have gone, to track down a fugitive and retrieve her ill-gotten millions. They’ve boarded an alien ship that takes Earthling passengers through hyperspace, and the ship’s just made its first Jump.


First Snippet Second Snippet

He felt a mixture of pain, confusion, and some kind of a deep melancholia or depression. All of his limbs appeared to be hooked up the wrong way, and he wasn’t even sure what the proper number of them was. Some kind of vibrations and lights appeared to be assaulting him from particular directions, but for a long time he couldn’t make sense of them. Everything hurt, especially remembering.

Eventually things clicked near enough to the reality that he knew that he could recognize a few things. He remembered that his name was Alan, and that he’d actually lobbied to get into a starship travelling to an alien planet eight and a half light years away using some mode of transportation far beyond everything that the human race understood as being possible under the laws of physics.

For a second he tried to reject that identity. Alan was obviously dangerously insane.

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9 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – The Aurigae Express 3

  1. What an interesting idea for a story. Great description of how it felt on the spaceship.


  2. Love the description, but I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.


  3. Kate Warren says:

    Poor Alan. I hope he adjusts to what I’m thinking is an extreme hyperspace form of air sickness (space sickness?) or jet lag.


  4. Summer Ross says:

    Love that last line- LOL
    My Blog


  5. pennyalley says:

    Great last line! I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes, either! lol


  6. LOL I love that once he recovered enough to remember who he was and what he was doing, he decided that he couldn’t be Alan, because Alan was clearly insane.


  7. Wow that seems like a dangerous way of traveling. I wonder if Alan was already insane before getting on the spaceship and the spaceship only made it worse or if it’s just some temporary side effects.


  8. Bethie says:

    Stargate meets Star Wars in space travel. Intersting premise. Did hyperspace make him insane or was he insane for agreeing to the trip?


  9. Poor Alan. I think I would be doubting myself at this point too. Maybe after the ship lag wears off he’ll be better. Good description.


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