Nano Spotlight: Dara the Writer

Good evening, all! The response to my original call for nano spotlight volunteers has been overwhelming, but I think I’ve still got slots for more interviews. Today the spotlight shines on Dara the Writer, who goes by doregan on the Nanowrimo forums.

Dara introduces herself…
I’m a half newbie, half previous NaNoWriMo participant.  I have participated one before, in 2005 or 2006 I think.  I got 13k in and rage quit soon after.  I didn’t like my story, I was stuck.  It was bleh and I was just a mess at that point in my life anyway.  I can’t remember how I came across it then, but I’ve always had it in my head since then.  I have ALWAYS enjoyed writing; my self-confidence, or lack there of, usually sabotages my attempts.  Early this summer, something, I still don’t know exactly what, snapped and I said to myself, “Hey, you need to get a move on and do this writing thing you have dreamed of since middle school.”  So I re-registered myself for NaNo (even participated in July’s Camp, didn’t hit my goal sadly), started a blog, and plunged in to the world of writing… as much as I could while starting a new, full-time job (I need to pay the bills somehow!).

What are you writing about this year?
My pretend title is “Life and Body Organs,” which is TOTALLY subject to change.  I don’t have a synopsis down yet, sooooo best explanation would be zombies, hereditary insomnia, body organs, all of that as one, big, happy family.  I’m as confused as you are on that, I promise you.  I’m giving myself a month to sort it all out by November 1st.  This is a story-line I’ve been pondering for the past few years


Who’s the best character in your Nano novel?
It’s a bit hard to say right now as I’m still in the planning and development stages.  I’d have to say my big three.  My Harry, Ron, and Hermione.  I have some serious story arcs for each of them dreamed up.  Stupid excited to see where they end up byNovember 30th!

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Just.  Keep.  Writing.  Get stuck?  Hop somewhere else.  But write every.  Single.  Day.  Something.  Anything.

Sneaky Ninja question! Do you believe in true love?
I don’t know.  It probably depends on how you define true love.  I’m not really into The Princess Bride version.  I would see it as it meaning finding your match.  The one.  THAT I believe in.  Because I got him.  And it only took breaking up with my now-ex-fiance to know he’d been sitting there playing World of Warcraft with me for the past 4 years.  🙂

Oh, duh, I have a Twitter @DaratheWriter and Tumblr you can stalk me at, on top of my blog ramblings.

Thanks, Dara. Good luck with Nanowrimo!

2 Responses to Nano Spotlight: Dara the Writer

  1. M.J. Fifield says:

    My pretend title last year was “When Kitten Ninjas Attack Pirate Zombies”

    There were no kittens or zombies or ninjas or pirates to be found anywhere. Maybe that’s why I lost.

    Best of luck this year!


  2. Dara says:

    Thanks for the love, Chris!


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