Weekend Writing Warriors – Love is a Masterpiece 7

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Continuing with sentences from ‘Love is a Masterpiece’ this week. We’re learning a bit more about what the tunnel of love means to the couples waiting in line…


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Snippet 6


“It’s not all about the presents or the love what’s already bloomed,” Henry said.  “I’ve seen it time and time again back home.  We find somebody new to try our chances with, pay our ha’pennies to the wise ones, and come up with any old thing what has some memories to it.  Doesn’t work often, no, but if we can’t stand the sight of each other after we’re through the tunnel, it’s no skin off our noses.  But when Lady Frigga blesses a lad and a girl, they’re good together.  I think that’s the key; she looks at what could be, not what is already.”



Other people in line shared their stories:  an older couple, widow and widower, lost childhood sweethearts prevented from marrying with their hearts when they were young; a poor knight and a rich man’s least favourite daughter who had come together for a marriage of convenience; and unfaithful parents attempting to mend their cheating ways.  They all showed off their sentimental sacrifices, but Cassandra couldn’t bear to look at more precious personal treasures thrown away for the sake of divine love.

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15 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Love is a Masterpiece 7

  1. Gemma Parkes says:

    That seems like a wise thing to do. I would like a visit to Lady Frigga myself!


  2. I really like the way your first character summarized the tunnel. It’s a lovely sentiment/attitude. Great snippet!


  3. ldsmith1818 says:

    I love the way you’ve written this, even though it’s from one character’s perspective, it really speaks to everyone and it’s so beautiful.


  4. J.A. says:

    Great 8! And, I’m with Gemma…I’d like to visit the Tunnel and Lady Frigga myself. Well done, Chris!


  5. Millie Burns says:

    I think I was blessed by Lady Frigga : ) This is a delightful eight. I like the old man’s words.


  6. Just a fascinating story premise and I enjoyed the description of all those who are waiting. Excellent excerpt!


  7. wonderful. I love the emotion this made me fee. awesome 8


  8. Interesting concept, and it’s very well written.


  9. I like the what could be, not what’s there already.


  10. caitlinstern says:

    It’s a lot to give up a sentimental something, an item that holds so many memories–but maybe it’s worth it?


  11. I’m not sure I would like to have someone else decide what my future is going to be, even if I make a lot of mistakes at least they are my own.


  12. historysleuth1 says:

    I still think this is so clever. What if the gift isn’t good enough? What if the Goddess says know can they do it anyway? So many possibilities to keep me intrigued!
    History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders


  13. I’m intrigued by the story premise. What a lovely snippet.


  14. Very nice snippet. The character presents a very intriguing picture of both the tunnel’s purpose and Lady Friga’s insights. Does make the reader want to know more. Good job.


  15. Some nice little character pictures there.


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