Nano Spotlight: Shea Koshan

Good morning! I’ve got lots of spotlights to share with you, so say hello to Shea Koshan.

Nanowrimo Experience:
This is my ninth year doing Nanowrimo. I first found out about it because a friend of mine on a Harry Potter RP forum told me she was doing it, but I didn’t join in until a year or two later. My best memory from Nanowrimo so far was telling people to throw a fridge when they said they had writer’s block and then it turned into a thing. If you ever wondered where Timmy got it from, I kinda played a part in that. I’m not sorry.

What are you writing about this year?
I don’t know yet! I now run a poll every year to decide what I’m going to write. On October 25th, when the poll closes, I find out what I’m writing as decided by the internet.

Who’s the best character in your Nano novel?
I don’t know yet! I do have five in the running, though, so I’ll talk about the main character from each story with minimal spoilers.

Mirabella is delightfully terrible as a person. She is very self centered and thinks of things in terms of what she wants. She’s ambitious and wants everything, not thinking about who she steps on in order to get it. She can talk her way into most things she wants and, while she’s willing to get her hands dirty, she won’t if she can convince someone else to do it for her. She’s also fairly short-sighted and doesn’t think too much on anything if things are going her way.

Escaping Reality 
Helena is missing about a decade of her life from childhood when she went missing herself and now, in her late 20s/early 30s, she’s done what she can to move past that gap. She got her GED and works as a secretary for a casting agency. Whatever is special about you, she’s seen it and she is not willing to put up with any of your crap. She does what she feels like she needs to in order to get things done and is incredibly loyal to the people who are good to her.

Sword Prince
Siegfried is a confused kid at the start of the story that is coming from a bit of a different time. Still, he’s young and curious and free. He’s shy, but opens up fairly quickly to people who he perceives as not in charge. He doesn’t speak freely, keeping most of his thoughts to himself, and holds a very strong sense of duty for a child. He’s very careful in a lot of his actions and will risk breaking the rules only when he thinks he will not be caught. His judgement on that, however, is poor.

Sky of Butterflies
Mateo doesn’t think anything that’s happening to him is fair. He’s a teenager going through the motions and he wants action, adventure and freedom. He thinks he could be a hero and thinks he can handle anything that’s thrown at him without realizing how sheltered he’s been. He does care about the people around him and has a soft spot for little girls who look like they are about to cry. The problem is that he tends to see them more as he imagines them than as they actually are.

Jabberwocky’s Book
Alice is a little less worried about what her parents might find out about her shenanigans at school now. After having gotten away with some things last time, and now with a confidant, she has calmed down and is starting to become a bit more open. Now she’s starting to test her freedom on her own now that she’s living at the school. She’s also got a strange sense of responsibility for things that she thinks is her fault and believes that if she doesn’t handle it, no one else will.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Your first draft is always going to suck, so you might as well have fun with it. Don’t plan too much so that if you have that crazy idea, you can go ahead and do it! No matter how stupid, crazy or nonsensical the idea is, just go with it and, if you don’t like it, make it a dream sequence and move on. Who knows, it might become a plot relevant tangent in the end. And, if not, remember that it’s only the first draft and you’re going to have to go back and work on it again anyway. With that in mind, why not have fun with it?

icon (1)Sneaky Ninja question! What’s your most annoying habit?
I change subjects in the middle of a conversation without telling anyone. For example:

Me: Does everything really have to be pumpkin flavoured? We don’t really need pumpkin hot chocolate. Oh right, I need to check and see if that’s up.
Them: If the pumpkin hot chocolate is up?
Me: No, the new Supernatural episode.

Based on a true story.

200 Words on a thing
The rest of the year I’m still writing, but I also do comic book reviews. On video, no less! I look at a lot of indie books and more obscure titles along with the mainstream stuff from Marvel and DC and cover a wide variety of genres beyond just superheroes. Be sure to check out my site or subscribe to my Youtube channel to see them all.

I also have a plot bunny that likes to help people with their writing. His name is Reginald and he has a Tumblr. I cannot guarantee any of his advice and he does have a habit of telling people to murder their characters, but he can also be very helpful. Soon, he’ll be joined by Clara, my second bunny who is a bit better with editing than he is. If you have any writing questions, one of them should be able to help you out.

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  1. lost_limey says:

    I can’t imagine leaving the core subject of my NaNo to something as capricious as an Internet poll. Shea, you are crazy in the most delightful way.


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