Nano Spotlight: E.H. Taylor

Good morning friends and followers! It’s the start of a new week, and I’ve got plenty of Wrimo interviews to share with you. Today, it’s E.H. Taylor’s turn, from Every Word Written.

Tell me a bit about your experience with Nano so far:

I started participating in NaNoWriMo the November of 2010, though I didn’t start to really get into it until last year. Not only was 2012 my first win, but it was also the first time I really sat down to write something of my own and discovered how much I loved it. The other thing I discovered this past year was Camp NaNoWriMo (though how I missed those two months I’ll never know). I participated in both and somehow ended up with over 100k each time. I now have two nearly completed first-drafts (one missing an ‘epic’ battle scene and the other a decent ending) and that’s more than I ever could have imagined writing before taking part in NaNoWrimo.

What are you writing about this year?
This year I’m planning to write a ‘whimsical’ dark fantasy, something you would expect of a darker Alice in Wonderland. It’s going to be a seduction to the dark side and a statement on how things aren’t always as they seem or as simple as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. This is the premise I have so far:

A young woman is drawn into a world that is more black than white, but soon finds that everything may just be varying shades of grey. With no clear lines drawn, what choices will she make?

And sadly that’s about all I have. Now if I can stop the other plot bunnies long enough to get my planning done this month, I’ll be happy!

Who’s the best character in your Nano novel?
I don’t have much planned out in the way of characters’ names and descriptions, but I have a feeling that my favorite is going to be the main male character. He’s going to be the one doing most of the ‘seducing’ (though he may not end up being a ‘love interest’ as I don’t know if I’m going to have any romance) and he’s also going to have a very sarcastic, black humor. I’m already loving all of the dialogue possibilities!

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
This advice is for all writers who suffer from ‘white page’ anxiety. The hardest thing for me to do is look at that blank page holding so much potential and know that no matter what my first line is, I’m going to ruin it. So, to take away the pressure and anxiety of a perfect start, I purposefully ruin the clean sheet by writing what I plan to have happen that day, something that I can delete later but will help to get me started:

Ex. “Today I’m starting chapter one and it’s going to start off with this character doing that thing…”

Not only does it get rid of that ‘white page’ anxiety, but it also gives me a clear direction for the day.

Sneaky Ninja question! What is your most prized posession?
This is a hard one because I have so many! The top two though would have be my lucky pen and my NEO2. The pen is a Cross Edge with gel ink and is the perfect weight to write with. All of my notes from my NaNo wins and favorite novel ideas have come from that pen and I never leave home without it.

My NEO2 is incredible for writing on the go and for keeping that inner editor at bay. The keyboard is the best I’ve ever used and I’m really sad that they recently discontinued the product.

Taylor rambles…

E.H. Taylor is a third year university student studying Business and English. She not only dreams of being published one day, but of helping others achieve this goal by working as a publisher/editor. Currently, when not busy with her own writing, Taylor is editing the manuscripts of other Wrimos and creeping around on the forums.


She is very open to speaking with new people (especially about writing, NaNo, and novels), so feel free to message her on the NaNo site if you have any questions or wanted a new writing buddy.

While unsure as to why she has a blog, you can follow Taylor’s occasional posts here:

E.H. Taylor is finding it extremely weird to write about herself in third person.


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