Nano Spotlight: Paul B. Kohler- Author

Good morning, friends and followers. I’ve still got a lot of interviews to share with you, so let’s keep the spotlight train moving with Paul B Kohler, who goes by live2dive on Nano.

Paul’s experience with Nano so far:
I am a veteran for sure.  My first year of participating in Nano was 2002.  I have not missed a year of participation, but I have only won one year.  That was 2011.  I was unemployed at the time, so I think that had a lot to do with it.  But, what I did learn that year, was that it really could be done with a job.  All those other years, my mind convinced myself that it was not possible, and I failed.  This year, I am taking a new approach, and I hope to be victorious with time to spare!

What are you writing about this year?
I think I am going to start writing Part 3 of my series.  Part 1 is published, Part 2 will be written by November 1st, so while my mind is fresh on it, I am going to roll right into it.  I will also be editing part 2 through the month as well, so won’t that be fun!

Who’s the best character in your Nano novel?
I think Benny, from my 2011 novel is.  He’s just a laid back, bar fly kind of guy that you just cannot not like the guy.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Edit Later!  I have failed to hit 50,000 words for so many years, because I cannot stop from editing the work as it comes out.

Sneaky Ninja question! Do you tend to remember any of your dreams?
I do!  I actually keep a ‘Dream Journal’ next to my bed.  If something resonates in my mind after waking, cvr-med-2I write it out.  I have written anywhere from a few sentences to upwards of 20 pages from a dream.  Just depends on how vivid the dream was.

Peter Cooper, a widowed father of two whose life is crumbling around him—until a bizarre encounter with a desperate Army general launches him on a risky mission: to go back to 1942 and change a moment in time. The repercussions will almost certainly alter the conclusion of World War II. But will the ripple effects stop there? And what kind of life will Peter return to?
Linear Shift by Paul B. Kohler, is available on Amazon.

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