Nano Spotlight: Kate Krake

So, how’s your Nano coming, friends and followers? 🙂 I’m having lots of fun, just made my first 10k weekend of the year. This morning, I’m spotlighting Kate, who goes as Kamu on the nanowrimo site.

Kate’s background in Nano:
This is my seventh year of Nanowrimo with five wins. My 83k month would have to count among my favourite Nanowrimo experiences– that was in 2009 with a high fantasy thing I was sure I was going to one day turn into an epic series. Less sure of that now, but I’m still fond of the story. That was also the first year I started handwriting Nanowrimo drafts. I also had a bit of a triumph in 2011 where I cracked the 50k in 20 days while I was laid up with BPPV (that’s a type of really not fun vertigo condition). My all-time favourite thing I’ve created during Nanowrimo was the novel from 2011. Still dipping into the revisions on that one now.

What are you writing about this year?
The idea I’m starting with is about different people who are all somehow affected by some kind of self-help writing. I’m aiming for a fairly light read with some humour as well as more serious notes. Beyond some basic ideas, I’m planning to wing it come November 1.

Who’s the best character in your Nano novel?
Hard to say right now since I haven’t yet encountered all of my novel characters, but the one who has stood out for me the most in these very early and very basic planning stages is an extroverted personal trainer.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Understand before you start writing that you’re not going to actually write a novel during November, but rather set the foundations for a piece of work that could very well one day be worked into a real life novel. Getting this clear in your head before the Go mark liberates your from expectations of quality and just lets you tell a story and experiment. Also, if you’re planning to write something you hope to one day go back and edit into a real novel, beware of adding in too many random scenes or ridiculously overblown description just for the sake of word count. Serve the story first.

Sneaky Ninja question! Who is your favorite musician – you have to pick just one!
Madonna! And I can (and have) gone into essay length details as to why.

200 Words of Self Promotion
When image for nano spotlight RCit’s not November, I’m typically a short story writer. I have published two collections of speculative fiction stories – Revealing Curiosities: Collected Tales both Peculiar and Grim and Species: Stories of Unnatural Selection.

Link for Species

Link for Revealing Curiosities

I also run The Write Turn, a website offering advice for short story writers.

Pop culture is my other passion, and I’ve been running Vivid Scribe for several years publishing all sorts of pop culture essays, interviews, reviews and feature articles as well as a few ebooks on different aspects of popular culture.

When I’m not living on the Internet and in my own fictional worlds, I live just outside of Brisbane, Australia on a property with a husband, two beagles and a startling number of wild ducks.


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