What’s Up Wednesday: The last Nano-mile?

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ROCKETBORDERWhat I’m reading:

Great stories from Analog magazine; finished “The Matthews Conundrum,” and read some great novelettes and shorts like “The Chorus Line”, “Redskins of the Badlands”, “Ian,  George, and George” and “Bugs.” Started really getting into “Magic Bites” on audiobook, too!

What I’m writing:

Lots of great Nano words! I’ve finished off “The Aurigae Express”, and I’m back to “Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale”, where the plot is finally heating up with some alien courtroom action; our heroes have found out that their right to own property in their town on the Libran planet of Escaleron may be taken away, along with their homes and the buildings they were using for their businesses.

Oh, and my current word count is better than 43 thousand! Hoping to finish at the Friday write-in.

What inspires me right now:

Still write-ins, and occasional flurries of snow. 😉

What else I’ve been up to:

Not too much, really. Still posting plenty of Nano spotlight interviews here on the blog, of course. Backed up my Nano writing to 44 different places this weekend. Bought a universal remote control that doesn’t actually have a code for the device I want to use it with, sigh.

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8 Responses to What’s Up Wednesday: The last Nano-mile?

  1. Alison Miller says:

    WOW! Congrats on all your NaNo progress! Hope you have another amazing week!


  2. elliottbooks says:

    Congrats on all your NaNo progress!


  3. Rebecca B says:

    Congrats on your NaNo progress!
    I saw some snow flurries last week, and it made me happy to curl up and write. 🙂


  4. Miss Cole says:

    Congratulations on so much NaNo success! That’s brilliant 😀

    Ooooh snow. I feel all wintry and inspired by the prettiness ^_^


  5. jossiemarie says:

    You’re doing great with Nano Well done! I had some major writers block and only started writing again on Monday but have managed to get my word count nearly up to target. Just a couple of thousand to go to get me back on track 🙂


  6. You backed up your NaNo to 44 different places? I thought I was overly cautious o.O

    Awesome progress, though! Good lucking finishing this week! 🙂


    • Well, it became a game for me. I’m a gadget collector, so I have lots of old PDAs, flash drives, and memory cards sitting around; that makes up most of the list, and also various email and hosting services I signed up for, plus half a dozen computers at work.


  7. I love that title “Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale”–fun! Way to go with the NaNo word count! I’m just shy of 43 now and hoping to finish it (and the book) this weekend.


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