Nano Spotlight: Downright Villainous

Good morning, friends and followers. I’m down to my last few followers, and I had to include this next guy based on his pitch when he first emailed. (Links have been added by me):

Hey man, My name is Jackson Haime, both in real life and on Nano. This is me dropping a line saying I would be down for an interview.
Points that make me worth it:
I’ve actually self published something!
I’m a three time winner (On a new account)
I write Newspaper articles.
I’m a university student.
There is a MUPPET in my profile pic.

Have a good day! Look forward to contact.

How many times have you done Nano?
I’ve done Nano four times (It’s a new account.) As well as taking part in Camp the last two years, and Script Frenzy when it was still a thing.

I actually found out about it from my Grandmother. Not sure where she heard it from, but she explained the whole thing like it was some contest, ‘Write the novel in a month and then they judge it’. I didn’t get a name or anything, but ‘50,000 words november’ was enough for google. The rest is a little bit of history.

What are you writing this year?
Villainous_edited-1This year I am working on the second part of Villainous, an episodic novel. The novel focuses on a pair of people with minor superpowers who are trying to become modern day super villains. The first part covered how the two came together, and now we are into the stage of them trying to take over the city.

Who’s the best character in the novel?
You’re asking me to pick favourites? I’m going to have to go with Ashes, who is the lead villain of the story (But arguably not the MC.) Due to his position in life and his motivation, Ashes is left to be a really enigmatic character. Almost a cartoon when he is in the Villain character, but actually has a real (Though a little off the rocker) personality when off duty.
Ashes is the driving piece in the puzzle (The corner piece?) You jump into the story about four years into his story, and just at the beginning of Toby’s. Because you are leaping into a character who is more developed by the world of Super villainy it’s a different angle that was a lot of fun to create, and I’ve heard is a blast to read.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Advice?: Get ahead. I’ve been doing this for four years now, and I’ve yet to lose, but damn have I been close. The nano program is hard to keep with when things in your life come up, as much as it’s easy to justify days off because you are a few hundred ahead, 1666 words burns your extra quickly. Seeing as nano starts on a weekend, try to do something crazy like 10,000 words in the first weekend, your future self will be thankful.

Second tip! Some people talk about word padding, others say they don’t correct spelling mistakes. My opinion is that you should never compromise the quality of your writing for the sake of speed. The 50,000 word draft you are left with at the end of Nano should be pretty useable. If it’s not you are going to be left with a lot of daunting editing. I left a story for almost a year the first time I wrote Nano. After that, I was left with another story, and another story. I know not everything is about publishing your book or having a manuscript in your hands, but it feels damn good to have some writing you can be proud of, so try to make sure that you do more than just write 50,000 words.

Super Ninja Question? Do you smoke? Have you ever??
Never smoked, probably never will unless E-Cigs are proven to be totally safe. A lot of my characters do though.

A while back, Jackson decided that he was going to throw caution to the wind and publish some of his writing. Due to this books published nature, it is available on Amazon if you are interested in reading something that was published by a wrimo. It’s about supervillains and includes shenanigans. If you find me entertaining, hit me up on Tumblr @ or on twitter @jacksonhaime

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