Weekend Writing Warriors – Measuring Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale 2

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

This week, I’m continuing on directly from last week’s excerpt from my Nano. A lot of you commented with curiosity about the introduction of Doomah, so hopefully this snippet will shed some light!


Snippet 1

The conversation where I’d joked with Tommy about him setting me up with Vanessa flashed through my mind. I’d been prepared for Vanessa to bring a man to dinner with me, or even a woman, and was generally ready to take either as a sign that she just wanted to be friends with me and wasn’t interested in a new romance.

I certainly hadn’t expected that her significant other would be a freakin’ alien.

“So, umm, nice to meet you, Si– citizen.” I put a hand out towards the Libran, unable to remember if that was considered good manners with them. Hell, after being blindsided with this, I could be excused for a little well-intentioned rudeness, couldn’t I?

I have no idea about the genetic standards of attractiveness for Librans, but Doomah seemed to be well put together, as far as I could stretch human esthetic standards. It, or he, (she?) had a generally narrow frame and long arms that were always gracefully in motion.

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13 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Measuring Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale 2

  1. ldsmith1818 says:

    great excerpt! I like the internal dialogue here especially!


  2. Kate Warren says:

    Very cool. I like it. Gives me a real sense of the main character and also an interesting mental image of Doomah.


  3. Interesting excerpt. I like the way your main character thinks and good to have some more idea of Doomah’s appearance. Intriguing…


  4. Gemma Parkes says:

    I love the last line! Nice eight!


  5. Will wonders never cease. The concept is different with a touch of humor. Super eight.


  6. LOL! A “freakin'” alien. Love the humor.


  7. Not exactly what you expect on a date.


  8. caitlinstern says:

    Yep, awkward’s bound to happen in that situation. Makes me wonder why she didn’t warn the narrator.

    And now I’m going to ponder the possible implications of the cut off ‘Si.’ ‘Citizen’ was a decent save, but I’m guessing something bad was about to be said.


    • Not too bad, all things considered. Gordon was about to call Doomah ‘sir’, but hesitated because he wasn’t that sure of Doomah’s gender. Also, I don’t think it’s a form of address the Librans like particularly, even though they recognize that it’s fundamentally respectful.


  9. Great description and I love the character reaction. It seems like it’s going to be a fun read!


  10. A great excerpt there.


  11. Oooooh! I’m going to have to go back and read your other snippets from this – It sounds great!


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