What’s Up (is finally back on a) Wednesday!

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly blogfest to share the answers to a few simple questions… Join us! After skipping Wednesdays for the holidays, and fudging the date last week for IWSG, it’s great to be back on Wednesday.

ROCKETBORDERWhat I’m reading:

Still plenty of magazine stories on the Kindle. Catching up on F&SF’s November/December issue at the moment. I didn’t really follow ‘Success’ but rather liked “Through Mud One Picks a Way” and “Hell for Company.” Still listening to the library digital audiobook of “Vampire Diaries: Shadow Souls.”

What I’m writing:

Finished the revision of “Orpheus and the Cameraman” I’ve been working on, yay! Also finished my Making Magic exercises with Kitchen Scale, and started the synopsis/outline.

What inspires me right now:

Soundtracks and collage! Odyssey Team Ambitious friends, and talking about conventions and markets and local workshops.

What else I’ve been up to:

Made it into Toronto for the Buffy Fan club dinner, which was a lot of fun. The cold weather has me mostly hunkered down and working on creative stuff, which is definitely a good thing.

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2 Responses to What’s Up (is finally back on a) Wednesday!

  1. Miss Cole says:

    I love listening to soundtracks ^_^ They’re a perfect writer’s tool – so many emotions conveyed so beautifully. How couldn’t it prove inspiring?

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. elizabethtwist says:

    So…are you going to be adding to your Race Points soon? Inquiring minds want to know!


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