Mug cake in the morning

Okay, I picked up this ‘Mug Cake’ stuff in the supermarket a week ago, and decided to make one for breakfast and commemorate the process for you in pictures. Sorry for the focus issues in some of the pics; they looked reasonably good on the iPhone at 8am!


Most of the needed ingredients and equipment.20140201-193013.jpg

A close-up on my mug of choice; a Nanowrimo cafe mug, of course!




Step one; grease the inside of the mug.



Open up the MugCake mix…



Pour it into the mug.


Add one quarter cup of milk and mix thoroughly. (This turned into something of a problem; I tried with both a spoon and whisk, but had issues mixing the batter in such a small container.



Microwave your mug of batter on HIGH for one minute and 20 seconds.






This is just a picture of the mug when it came out of the microwave.



Use a knife to loosen the cake from the mug and dump it into a bowl for eating.

I wasn’t wildly impressed with the results, actually. It was pretty good for a cake you can bake quickly in the microwave, I admit, but I had higher hopes. The caramel syrup was a little greasy, and the cake itself wasn’t a great consistency, some mouthfuls a little greasy and others too chewy and gooey.

The other disappointing thing is that this product appears to be a replacement for another Oetker cake mix that I really loved, the Sauce & Cake line. Those were more trouble, requiring breaking an egg, boiling water, and baking a bigger cake in the oven. But the results were worth the effort. Maybe I’m going to have to research pudding cake recipes from scratch.

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