Weekend Writing Warriors – Measuring Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale 10

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

This week, I’m continuing with the sample chapters of my unfinished Nano. Thanks to everybody for your feedback on the snippets I’ve shared so far, I’m going to be working to revise that scene this week as my sample pages for Kij Johnson’s novel workshop.

This time, I’m skipping ahead, but it’s still Vanessa and Gordon talking about their past:


Snippet 1 Snippet 2 Snippet 3 Snippet 4 Snippet 5 Snippet 6 Snippet 7 Snippet 8 Snippet 9

“Why did you come to Balance? I mean, you said that you were here when this was a growing ghost town.” I tried to think of what the community must have been like then–probably at least a third of the Libran construction had been finished, if not more, but without enough Earthlings to fill more than a few percent of that. Had they clustered in the buildings near the eight-way, to start with, looking for the security of fellow Earthlings against the oppressiveness of all those empty, alien-made buildings in the images of old Earth?

“Probably a lot of the same reasons as you. I thought there were opportunities here, to build a career and make plenty of money. I’ve got family connections in the hotel and hospitality business, like you do in restauranteering. I’ve turned my own hotel into a stable money-maker, and invested some of the profits into other deals; like this building for you.”

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10 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Measuring Alien Love on a Kitchen Scale 10

  1. They are not so different after all.


  2. Gemma Parkes says:

    It’s a nice touch that they are much the same.


  3. symes4u says:

    Time to rewrite the words of the old song to, “Money makes the universe go round. The universe go round……..” We have met the enemy and they are us.


  4. Interesting. Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into the characters and their backstory.


  5. I like the way you bring out both character back story and world building in just a few lines.


  6. Good use of conversation to build character.


  7. Millie Burns says:

    Who has a building for whom? I’m thinking he’s the second speaker…but I’m not sure.


    • Right, sorry. Vanessa’s speaking in the second paragraph, and this is after she’s started making plans to buy a building that Gordon’s restaurant will be renting from her. (Well, from her and a few other investors that can raise the cost of the building together.)


  8. An intriguing storyline for sure. Every snippet just makes me want to keep reading – excellent!


  9. caitlinstern says:

    It’s hard to live somewhere that’s so alien, I bet. Where everything reminds you you’re not home…

    I’d live in a ‘my people’ huddle, too.


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