Screens off before bedtime!

Okay, I hadn’t really heard about melatonin supression before yesterday. The basic idea is that blue-rich light from electronic devices like LCD screens and televisions screws up our brain chemistry if we’re exposed to it a lot late at night, and keeps people from getting a good night’s sleep.

Now, sleep is very important to me. And I’ve been noticing some problems with it lately. So I decided to give this thing a try yesterday. I didn’t muck around with apps to adjust light levels or amber goggles, just set a deadline to turn off all the LCD screen devices, and gave myself a bedtime an hour later.

It was a little odd trying to steer clear of my computers, the television, my smartphones, tablet, etcetera for that hour, but worked out pretty well. I did some cleaning and dishes in the kitchen while listening to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ on an old audiobook player that doesn’t really have enough of a screen to worry about. (It does have blue backlight, actually, but I figured it wasn’t bright enough to make a difference if I wasn’t staring at the readout for the whole hour.) And I enjoyed a nice bedtime snack while listening to some music.

I felt like I got some good sleep, and I’m going to try it again tonight, so I need to wrap-up this post quickly. I think one of the benefits for me may not be about blue light, just that without all my fancy devices, I won’t be so tempted to procrastinate and stay up later than I meant to! 😉

2 Responses to Screens off before bedtime!

  1. I definitely notice a problem with sleep if I’m on the computer late (uh, like right now). I like to write late, though, so this is one among many reasons why I write by hand (except for right now).

    If you’re still having trouble sleeping, it’s okay to take melatonin from time to time (I use the Nature’s Harmony brand, the liquid version…works faster). I use it if I’m on the computer late (uh…) and can’t avoid it. Your plan is better, but if you do find yourself wanting to go to bed immediately after writing or watching TV, it’s good in a pinch.


  2. I try to tell my hub this… but he continues to bring his ipad to bed and have the tv on for background noise. he wonders why he can’t sleep. stubborn man!

    sweet dreams!


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