Weekend Writing Warriors – Orpheus and the Camera Man 4

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m still sharing snippets from my my modern fantasy short, Orpheus and the Cameraman


Snippet 1 Snippet 2 Snippet 3

“Nobody’s ever come back from the afterlife with psi-camera footage.”

“And what, you want to be the first?” Tony asked.

“Yeah, sure.  If you can find the way to Hades’ Underworld, I’ll be your psi guide, if I can film it.  And you’ll need something special to bargain with.  I’ve heard you play guitar, buddy, and Orpheus you’re not.”


Marshall went back home over winter break, to have Saturnalia dinner with the folks and everything. (He didn’t pray to Saturn himself, but found it was never worth arguing about religion with family.)

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6 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Orpheus and the Camera Man 4

  1. historysleuth1 says:

    What a clever idea taking a camera to hell. I like your world building complete with religion. I get a lot of info in only 8 sentences. Well done!
    The Murders of Polly Frisch


  2. Enjoying this story, so very different. Another terrific snippet!


  3. ED Martin says:

    I love the practicalness in all your snippets. What a great idea for a story!


  4. Intriguing! I’d like to learn more about this world. 🙂


  5. caitlinstern says:

    “Orpheus you’re not.” Honesty might hurt, but if they’re doing something that dangerous, they’ll need to be honest and practical indeed!

    There’s probably a good reason no one has come back with footage, though… o_O


  6. Millie Burns says:

    This seems like a very risky undertaking.


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