Weekend Writing Warriors – Orpheus and the Camera Man 5

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m still sharing snippets from my my modern fantasy short, Orpheus and the Cameraman. Tony has asked Marshall to be his guide into the underworld to fetch back Tony’s dead girlfriend, and Marshall has his own reason for wanting to go…


Snippet 1 Snippet 2 Snippet 3 Snippet 4

One week after they got back to campus, Tony knocked on Marshall’s door, bringing research.

“This is everything we’ll need,” he said. “Most of it is from a Greek monk I found in Caledonia, but I’ve checked it out as much as I could with second opinions. I trust him, I believe he’s done his part, and he’ll come through for us if you do.”

“And he said that I’m somebody who can lead the way into Hades’ underworld?”

“Yeah. I gave him a token of you.”  Tony tossed a black lens cap into the air, and Marshall caught it, growling.  “You ready with your psi-camera stuff?”

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7 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Orpheus and the Camera Man 5

  1. Gemma Parkes says:

    Good exchange, exciting snippet with promises of more to come!


  2. Wonder what photographs of Hades’ realm will look like.


  3. Intriguing, have always been fascinated by the story of Orpheus so I can’t wait for more of this modern take on it! Great snippet!


  4. Very visual and very fluid. Going to Hade’s underworld. Yikes! This will be an adventure. 🙂 Good 8!


  5. Millie Burns says:

    This is an interesting concept. Going into the underworld…yikes!


  6. EE Giorgi says:

    ooh, love Greek mythology re-adaptations, can’t wait to read more!


  7. Trip to Hades underworld, that sounds like a dangerous expedition, exciting! I wonder what they will find there.


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