Weekend Writing Warriors – The Rose-Spar Ladies 1

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m switching to a new story for this week, a funny fantasy adventure, “The Rose-Spar Ladies.”



It would never have happened if Cromeve hadn’t tried to clean the house.

As he tried to mimic what Aledell did with the dusting rag, a corner of it caught one of the knickknacks on the hearthstone, which bumped into another, which sent the Rose-spar Lady tumbling to the hard floor.

Cromeve gathered the pieces of rose-spar into a pile on top of the dusting rag and tied it up into a bindle, and muttered to himself, “her own fault for leaving the lady out in such a precarious spot.”

Cromeve hadn’t always been a husband and farmer. To tell the truth, he wasn’t much of a farmer even now. He managed to gather some corn and vegetables each year, and raise a few animals, but it weren’t really enough to support the family. But a little hunting in the wild forest with the bow and arrow put more meat in the pot, and he did odd jobs for the other farmers along the path, clearing heavy obstacles, digging holes, and helping out with building just about anything.

Once, though, he’d been Cromeve the Sturdy, valiant warrior and the most beloved adventure-seeker in the Fearless Five.

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9 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – The Rose-Spar Ladies 1

  1. Intriguing, I like the apparent role reversal (t least it would be in our world). Am I supposed to already know what a rose-spar is? Enjoyed the snippet!


  2. symes4u says:

    I am neither a warrior, nor a member of the Fearless Five, but I have broken my share of knickknacks in my day. Lots of interesting details in this weeks snippet.


  3. Millie Burns says:

    Makes me wonder about his fall from being a warrior…


  4. The lady of the house (his wife?) is not going to be pleased. Is rose-spar rose quartz?


  5. Nice character sketch, leaves the reader with lots of questions.


  6. caitlinstern says:

    Yeah, he doesn’t sound like the kind of guy who’d be handy with the cleaning! Of course it’s her fault for the knickknack placement, as if she hadn’t cleaned plenty of times and left it intact.


  7. I love the character-building going on in this snippet! Nicely done 🙂


  8. A great introduction to the characters and the world there.


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