E is for Escape

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m sharing science fiction and fantasy story ideas…

Escape from the extensive empire.

Who’s escaping?

An envoy… he came bringing a message, the emperor didn’t like the message, so he imprisoned the envoy.

But an expatriate helps the envoy escape because it’ll make things tough on the emperor.

If you’re interested enough to pick this up and write your own version, feel free; ideas are cheap. And let me know! I’ll be keeping the notions vague enough that lots of different stories might be written from them.

Thanks for visiting!


8 Responses to E is for Escape

  1. Trisha says:

    I like your ideas – they’re like just the first little kernel but could be expanded into something far bigger.


  2. Great idea. Sometimes finding that starting point is the hardest part of writing. The best thing is that even if you gave a dozen writers the same idea, they’d run with it in completely different ways.


  3. Ohhhh, an expat and an envoy walked into a bar and the bartender said, “We don’t serve expats and envoys here… they never make it EEEE asy to serve even the simplest T!”

    Or E or Z or whatever letter one may choose.

    I admit, that was pretty terrible but I could not resist.

    Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting!


  4. jenbradlee says:

    Love it. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of writing prompts. They sometimes give just enough of a push to get the story started. Thanks!


  5. Wish I had time to try writing with this lead-in- I’m so busy posting and visiting other blogs, my writing is suffering!


  6. This is a great kernel – and a great idea for the A to Z challenge! 🙂


  7. WriterlySam says:

    What a clever theme! This will, without a doubt, inspire many a writer:)
    A to Z #TeamDamyanti


  8. Interesting. I wonder what message he delivered…


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