Weekend Writing Warriors – The Rose-Spar Ladies 5

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

This week, I’m sharing eight more sentences from my funny fantasy adventure, “The Rose-Spar Ladies.” So far, Cromeve has ruined one of the priceless carved ‘Lady’ statues, which he gave to his wife as a present. Then he went to visit an old friend…


Snippet 1 Snippet 2 Snippet 3 Snippet 4

“We’re going to rob Old Man Ustit.”

That made Vorray sit up straighter, and some of the food scattered around his feet. “Now, wait a minute; I never burgled *people*!”

“Well, it shouldn’t take much for a clever man like you to work it out. You studied with the best thieves in the land, didn’t you?”

“So sorry you’ve come all this way to no avail, old chum, but it’s out of the question.” Vorray staggered to his feet. “I’ll be pleased to have you to dinner, for old time’s sake, but then you simply must leave.”

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6 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – The Rose-Spar Ladies 5

  1. Interesting snippet and very nice character/ethics reveal for the character. Intriguing look into the story.


  2. Can’t wait to see what happens next, who prevails here. I always love your “voice”, great snippet!


  3. caitlinstern says:

    Robbing people involves violence, and violence can go very wrong–I can see why he’d draw the line there.


  4. Who has he been robbing?


  5. Botanist says:

    Interesting. If not people, then who or what? Given that this is fantasy, my mind immediately leapt to other species, but I don’t know enough about this setting to know whether or not that makes sense.


  6. burnsmillie says:

    Hmm, you make folks ponder…


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