T is for Twilight Treasure Hunt (and Tolkien)

For the A to Z challenge this year, I’m sharing science fiction and fantasy story ideas…

No, not the kind of twilight with sparkly vampires. I wonder how long they’re going to be associated with that word. 😉

This is another kinda thin notion that makes me think of a favorite book, but I came across those words on my Sweet Spot Map list and thought of a treasure hunt (or the search for a Macguffin,) where you have to be at the right spot for twilight, during the transition from day into night, to find the magic path to continue onward. Tolkien used ‘the setting sun with the last light’, but it’s a very similar idea. (And yes, The Hobbit is largely a treasure hunt of sorts.)

If you’re interested enough to pick this up and write your own version, feel free; ideas are cheap. And let me know! I’ll be keeping the notions vague enough that lots of different stories might be written from them.

Thanks for visiting!

7 Responses to T is for Twilight Treasure Hunt (and Tolkien)

  1. Trisha says:

    Yeah, combining Meyer’s Twilight with a twilight treasure hunt gives me bad images in my head. hehe.

    I find that time of day – twilight – to be rather haunting and captivating all at the same time.


  2. I might just do that. I like the idea of the sunset/twilight portal. I will return when I am done. 🙂 before the cock crows to awaken the sun.


  3. My favorite time of day – so many plans for the day now lost, so much still anticipated. Love the association of treasure hunt with Tolkien.


  4. Stopping by from the A-Z Blog Challenge. Hope you’re having as much fun as we are! I use “twilight” – the concept, not the book, in my fantasy series a lot. Because my characters are dead, and what better time for the dead to be around than at ‘twilight?”
    Caryn @writeonsisters.com


  5. Sonia Lal says:

    lol Years and years, I expect.

    It’s an interesting idea.


  6. Chrystal says:

    I for one am tired of sparkly vampires! Thanks for stopping by my Self Employed Writer site.


  7. Love the idea of a twilight treasure hunt…..Something around mid-summer springs to mind, along with floaty dresses and art work by Roger Dean, looking for the right spot, “during the transition from day into night, to find the magic path to continue onward.”


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