Weekend Writing Warriors – The Gnomes are Missing 7

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’ve decided to switch to something new and share snippets that I wrote during April for Camp Nanowrimo, from the first draft of “The Gnomes are Missing.” I hope you enjoy them. Kinwer and his pixie friend Trish are in the feast hall of the dwarfs’ Clan King.


Snippet 1 Snippet 2 Snippet 3 Snippet 4 Snippet 5 Snippet 6

“None saw the villains who attacked the mound,” Trish declaired, “and no living gnomes, nor even dead bodies, were left within the mound by morning. In the signs of the struggle, there was only one token left to show who had perpetrated such an act.”

An expectant hush fell on the Great Hall, and Trish buzzed close to his head. “Kinwer, show them the badge.”

Oh right. Kinwer fetched the black armband out of his pocket and held it high, with the red insignia facing the Clan King.

“Yes, I know that mark,” the King rumbled, legs kicking against the air. For a second Kinwer thought he would sit up, but he kicked out his fury for a moment.

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5 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – The Gnomes are Missing 7

  1. Haha, liking Kinwer. It’s fun to see a character who’s not so cool and perfect, just a normal goofy guy. Good stuff, curious to see what’s happened to those gnomes.


  2. It must be extremely difficult to write a good story in interesting, self-contained snippets. Kudos!


  3. So the Gnome King is kicking like a kid? sort of an unexpected response, so therefore very interesting turn of events. Intriguing snippet!


  4. Haha! I love the characterization here. Not what you would expect from an adventurer or king, but I like it. Small typo: declared not declaired. Great snippet 🙂


  5. Sounds like the king recognizes it but isn’t quite sure how to react.


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