Weekend Writing Warriors – The Gnomes are Missing 9

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’ve decided to switch to something new and share snippets that I wrote during April for Camp Nanowrimo, from the first draft of “The Gnomes are Missing.” I hope you enjoy them. I’m skipping ahead a little bit, out of the Clan Hall scene, to show Kinwer and Trish preparing for their quest.


Snippet 1 Snippet 2 Snippet 3 Snippet 4 Snippet 5 Snippet 6 Snippet 7 Snippet 8

The porter pounded on their door much too early, but that was probably because no morning light made it into the Clanhold. “If you’re going on a quest, you have to get used to early starts in the darkness,” he grunted, and led them to an alcove off a large round stone cavern. Somewhere out of sight, Kinwer could hear and smell a bustling kitchen, but as the porter left them, another dwarf gestured to some pieces of flat bread on the stone table. Kinwer picked one up, bit off a piece, and regretted it; the thing was stale and almost tasteless.

“On his majesties orders’, I’ve done my best to anticipate the needs of your quest,” the dwarf official said slowly. “If there’s anything else you think makes sense, please let me know. ” He briefly ran over the supplies, all standard sounding stuff to begin with. The water flask Kinwer had taken up into the mountains was empty, but the dwarf filled it up from a large tank and told him that there would be underground rivers on the way to the goblin’s lair, so there was no need to carry any more.

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6 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – The Gnomes are Missing 9

  1. Overall I thought the snippet was well-written and seems to be part of an epic adventure. This is my first Weekend Writing Warriors, and though I’ve read through a lot of the other participant’s stuff yours really stands out as the sort of stuff I like to read.


  2. ah eating stale food. What wonderful memories.


    I’m curious to know what their journey will be like. Slow part for a snippet and it still piques my curiosity. Bravo! 😀


  3. Nice prosaic start for a grand quest – gotta have the basics along, like water. I enjoyed the snippet, good grounding in reality (so to speak) for the fantastic adventure ahead.


  4. Botanist says:

    I like that the little details are shown to be important. Ugh! Stale bread, when someone’s having a royal fry-up next door. Cruel 🙂


  5. I like the tension being built up before the quest. Awaiting the next snippet.


  6. I like this little moment of reality before their big fantastical quest. Yuck, stale bread! It makes them more relatable. Great 8!


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