Weekend Writing Warriors – The Gnomes are Missing 11

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I’ll switch to a new story soon, but here’s more sentences the first draft of “The Gnomes are Missing.” I hope you enjoy them. Last time, Kinwer and Trish were still in the Dwarf Clan-Hold, preparing for their quest.


Snippet 1 Snippet 2 Snippet 3 Snippet 4 Snippet 5 Snippet 6 Snippet 7 Snippet 8 Snippet 9 Snippet 10

“Have any young dwarfs agreed to join our quest?”

“Yes, certainly, madam Pixie. They’re still saying goodbye to their families at the moment, but you’ll meet them presently. Until then, let’s go over the maps. I don’t suppose you have practice reading in underground perspective?”

“No, I’ve heard of it, but never spent much time under the mountains until now,” Trish said.

“Okay, you’ve seen maps made for the surface, right? They all draw the land as if you were looking at it from above. with the top to the north and the bottom to the south.”

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6 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – The Gnomes are Missing 11

  1. burnsmillie says:

    Oh, I like the sound of those maps…interesting.


  2. Oooh, maps and a quest! Love it! I’m definitely intrigued with the maps and the perspective in which they are drawn, though I have my ideas based on the last piece of dialog. Great snippet!


  3. Maps looking up instead of down?


  4. Intriguing! You are really coming at this from an original angle. Nicely done!


  5. Love the idea of the underground perspective maps! Excellent excerpt, have been enjoying this story…


  6. Marcia says:

    I’m with Stephanie–maps and a quest, let’s go! 😀 Am really intrigued by the underground angle, hope you pick up from here next week.


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