Weekend Writing Warriors – Magic Milkshakes 1

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

Okay, I’m going to start sharing snippets from a short story draft I wrote back in June, mostly after I got back from the Young Gunns workshop in Kansas. It was based on a story idea I shared back in the A-Z April challenge: Magic Milkshakes.


“Drink your milkshake, honey.”

Danielle looked up from her vegetables and caught her mom’s eye. At first she didn’t say anything, just let her eyes track from Mom to the tall glass full of rich chocolate bubbles, topped off with a mound of whipped creamy foam that was dribbling down the sides. At least she didn’t put a maraschino cherry on top this time, she thought as she stirred the straw, letting a bit more of the cream escape.

“Mom, don’t you think you’ve been making me too many milkshakes lately?”

“How can you have too many milkshakes? Besides, you’re too thin honey.”

Danielle sighed and sucked a little of the thick shake up through the straw, letting the bittersweet concoction flood her mouth before swallowing it.

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4 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Magic Milkshakes 1

  1. The little gray cells are in overdrive, thinking about what might be in that milkshake. Will you share this with us eventually?


  2. Juneta says:

    Hmmm, it is rather intriguing why mom is feeding her too many milkshakes and the kid is complaining, lol. Nice snippet.
    Juneta at Writer’s Gambit


  3. Botanist says:

    OK, this raises questions right away! A youngster (age not clear from this snippet, but whatever) reluctant to drink milkshake and more interested in vegetables? Something weird’s going on!


  4. Some interesting undertones going on here, especially as delicious as you make the milkshake sound. Great excerpt, on the hook for more details!


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