IWSG: My Race Score Sucks

Well, it’s time for Insecure Writers’ Support Group again!

I said, a little earlier this year, that I would submit lots of writing and my ‘race score’ would soar to incredible heights. If you haven’t heard of it, the race score is basically just one for each story you have out at a market, and it’s one of a few different ways to ‘gamify’ the submissions grind. There are a few other rules; I think simultaneous subs, if you do them, don’t count for extra race points, and longer things like novel partials and full novel manuscripts (out at an agent or directly to a publisher) count for multiple points.

Just at the moment, my race score is 1, thanks to ‘Return to Civilization’, which has been in the Analog slushpile since January now. The other two stories I’ve submitted over the past year, (including “Love is a Masterpiece” that got an Honorable Mention with Writers of the Future) are in this weird limbo hold where I don’t know where to submit them now.

I even had a two-step plan for how to bring my race score back up, but both steps are lagging. I was going to fast-track revisions on “TimeBubble Blues” and “Gotta Have That Look” so I could start sending them out–and I’m still not feeling confident in the revisions. And I was going to start scouting out new markets that I could submit to.

I’m not even sure why the scouting part is something I’m hitting so much resistance on. I love reading genre short stories. I really like finding out new places to read shorts and figuring out what kind of stuff they want most.

At least I think I like it, so why haven’t I been doing any of it lately? 😦

2 Responses to IWSG: My Race Score Sucks

  1. Whoa. I didn’t know they had races etc for submissions as well. My score would be 1. Although, do short stories count? Except I’ve been lazy with the submission process with those so I guess even if they did count, the fact that they’re just sitting in my computer rather than floating out there would make them not count. hehe

    Good luck getting your score up and getting submissions out there! 😀


  2. elizabethtwist says:

    Should you maybe query Analog? They say it’s fair game to query after 120 days. Or maybe not, until you get your race points up?

    Shhh: I don’t always read stories pubbed by a market before I sub to them. I usually do, but sometimes I think it’s more important to get your stuff out there than to meticulously prepare to get your stuff out there.


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