Nanowrimo Spotlight: Imaginary World

Good evening!curled_dragon I’ve got another interview for you: Jess is Imaginary World over on the Nanowrimo site and blogs at princessofdragons. Here’s the history of Imaginary World and Nanowrimo:

I first found out from NaNo from a friend. There’s quite a few of us in my circle of friends who are writers, so when November came around, she mentioned that she was going to be doing this writing challenge, and I thought that sounded interesting, so I signed up as well. Never regretted it either.

That was my second year of year uni, so I had a lot of time to work on writing, which is probably the only reason I managed to finished that year, with 51K. Somehow, I’m not entirely sure how, but I have managed to win every year that I took part in. Mainly I think it’s because I love charts, and goals, and I’m quite competitive, so if I don’t feel like I’m winning I’ll push myself until I’m back on track. The first two were around the 50K mark, but last year, I managed to hit some sort of writing groove and came out with 83K. I’m going to try and equal that this year.

I think my favourite memory comes from last year, when I hit that groove for the first time. I was just sitting there at my desk, writing away. I’d done about two two-hour sessions. I then sat back for a tiny break, and counted my words to go and update my word count, and was astounded to see I had hit 5K. I’d never done that before. I was so happy, I went on to do another 2K that day, and that started a trend.

I also enjoy the small writing group that me and my friends have set up. We usually get a couple of sessions in November, for obvious reasons. It’s called typing and tea, and we sit there, have some word sprints, and then drink vast amounts of tea. It’s great! Also productive.

What are you writing this year?
As usual, fantasy, but this year I think my book would count as a gaslamp fantasy. Well, it’s steam punk at any rate. Called Mechanica Awakening, it follows Rose, a girl with the rare ability to awaken the spirits of machines and objects. Called to the city because of her father’s work, they are right in the heart of the turmoil as the country teters on the edge of a civil war. And when Rose chooses to use her ability to defend the city and her friends, the word gets out and she struggles to keep her life, friendships and free will intact as people from all sides try to get her to join them, willingly or not.
I’m hoping to go beyond 50K. My target is 75K, but I was also accept a completed first draft (which is probably more than 75K to be honest)

What is your favourite book – you have to pick just one!
All right then, one book. If I have to pick just one, I think it would be Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. I love the dragons in this book, they are superbly well done, the characters are well written and the plot is great. It’s got it’s ups and downs and I really empathise with the characters. Also DRAGONS. I like dragon, I like them a lot.
I also love the rest of the series, but you made me pick just one.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
First drafts are meant to be sort of terrible. So don’t just sit there, trying to think of the perfect word, or the perfect sentence. Just get an imperfect word and sentence on that blank page and start writing. And shut off that inner editor. November is a time for filling up that blank pages with words. December onwards is for making those words good words.

Sneaky Ninja Question! What’s the earliest clear memory you have?I have trouble remember last week with clarity, never mind earlier!
Okay, being serious. I think my earliest clear memory is from about 8 or so (I have memories from before that, but they’re a bit jumbled and fragmented). I was lying on the sofa at home, looking out the kitchen into the back garden as my mum handed me my first ever pair of glasses. I put them on and everything snapped into a focus I didn’t know I had been missing, I could see the leaves on the trees outside clearly now! So that’s my first clear memory (get it? Clear? New Glasses? Yeah, I’m terrible).

Hi, I’m Imaginary World or Princess of Dragons depending on whether you know me from NaNoWriMo or my blog. I love dragons, writing and role-playing (and incidentally that is what I talk about on my blog!). My genre of choice is fantasy and although I try to read outside of that, I pretty much always write in that genre. My WIP is a product of the last two years of NaNo and is currently going through editing. It’s a huge beast of a thing at ~250K, but I am enjoying it.
On my weekends you can find me pretending to be a vampire, a mage, a werewolf, or a selection of fantasy classes (warriors, paladins, warlocks) as I dress up and run around a field or room with weapons or cards and play with other equally crazy people who enjoy this sort of thing. It looks weird, but it is very very fun.
Feel free to check out my blog where I talk about all this in more detail, and talk about writing.
And dragons of course. Cannot forget about the dragons.

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