Looking for Wrimo Spotlight interviews again, in 2015!

(Shamlessly recycled…)

It’s that time of year. The Nanowrimo website has finally refreshed, and I want to do some interviews with people who are doing Nano here in my blog.

The interviews will start going up as soon as I can get them coming in, and will run through November 30th. If you’re interested, either leave a comment (with an email address I can use to get back to you,) or email me at chriskelworth at gmail dot com!

What’s involved? I’d like to get a little background from all of my interviewees about their level of Nano experience. I’m going to ask a few standard questions in each interview, along with one sneaky ninja question to try to take you off guard. 😉 I’d also like everybody to include up to 200 words to tell us about yourself, your Nano novel, or something you’re interested in, or shamelessly plug your website, your book, your twitter feed, or whatever. For extra visual appeal, you can include a small image (400*400 pixels, or I’ll shrink it down myself) to serve as a visual aid to your answers, help you promote something, or share a picture because you think it’s cool – but no photographs of yourself, please. Think outside the box! Pictures and 200 word blurbs are not required.

If you’d like to take a look at some of the interviews from previous years, you can find them here.

You can take some time to answer your questions over email, but hopefully you can get back to me within a week of getting the interview. You don’t need have your own blog or link back to me; if you’re doing Nano and interested in filling out the interview, I’d love to spotlight you. Thanks all, and I’m looking forward to doing this one more time.

2 Responses to Looking for Wrimo Spotlight interviews again, in 2015!

  1. Jana Denardo says:

    I’d be interested in doing an interview. You can contact me at ________________________


  2. A fantastic idea. With NaNo having swelled its participant numbers to epic proportions over the last few years, perhaps there will be some much deserved publicity for the Office of Letters and Light, in addition to the WriMo reveals. As a 7th year participant I am enjoying the welcome validation of NaNoWriMo as very real, it lends credibility to those of us using the platform to hone skills and encouragement to those utilizing it to prove they can do what they set their minds to. It’s a very empowering feeling.


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