Nanowrimo Spotlight: Rebecca Freeman

Hey everybody! So, looks like I’ve got a LOT of wrimos suddenly interested in doing spotlights, so–well, I’ve got to post an interview today, and I don’t really have that much time for it! So here’s Rebecca, aka the Climbing Bean! Nano profile, blog, twitter.

I started Nano 10 years ago, and apart from I think one year (2013), I’ve participated every year. I was an ML for one year, which was an exciting experience and one I enjoyed. I particularly loved the opportunity to talk to the wider community about the program in that role. I’ve had some lovely memories at Write-Ins, and also the candy swaps we used to do with our Wrimo friends in Dekalb, Illinois. The thing I enjoy most about NaNoWriMo is that it gives me connection with so many other writers. Getting involved with it was one of the best things I ever did. It gave me a reason to take my writing seriously, and led me to earning a living from writing and editing.

What are you writing about this year?
I’m actually being a bit of a rebel this year. I’m continuing/editing/rewriting a YA post-apocalyptic novel I began in 2011. The main character is Finn, a young Australian woman. The story is set in the near future, where a massive multinational company has created domes for people to live in, because the temperatures are so extreme, that living outside the Cities is too dangerous. But all is not what it seems, and it turns out the company is not as altruistic as they may have first appeared. A revolution to topple their stranglehold on the people is brewing. And it turns out that Finn is more invested in events than she realised.

What is your favorite movie – you have to pick just one!
Hmm. I guess that would have to be My Neighbour Totoro.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Write everyday.

Sneaky Ninja question! What does your voice sound like?
Mostly Australian, but I’m an accent chameleon, so if I hang around with anyone too long, I end up knocking the edges of my Aussie accent pretty quickly!

swooping magpies

I live in Western Australia with my Handsome Sidekick and our four children on the Rainbow Coast (isn’t that a lovely name?!), where I wear hoodies and drink a lot of tea. A former teacher and philosophy graduate, I like to read, garden, and run in my spare (haha) time. I work as a writer and editor, and I’ve just finished my first chapbook of poetry, called The Pretend Parent. It’s poems about parenting, reflecting on the humour, exhaustion, and change in identity one feels on becoming a parent. 

Thanks for stepping into the spotlight, Rebecca!


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