Nanowrimo Spotlight: Ryan Slaughter

Good evening all! I’m off to a write-in shorting, but I’ve got a cool interview to share with you from Ryan! You can also find Ryan on the Nano website, on his seldom-updated blog, and his facebook movie reviews! Here’s Ryan talking about his Nanowrimo background:

This is my seventh year participating in NaNoWriMo. Most years I try to do something completely different. The first two years I planned absolutely nothing and had it all come off of the top of my head (“They Blinked” and “We Lived”, both apocalyptic-type novels). The next year I wrote an entire book based off of a title I thought of randomly (“Charcoal Albatross”, is a horror/mystery). The fourth year I wrote a fully researched novel about a subject I dislike (“Cold Iron”, a fantasy about fairies). Fifth year was my attempt at doing something truly original (“Basement’s Colors”, a science fiction/post-post-apocolyptic/religious fusion). The last two years were thought of by a year of writing down my random thoughts and producing a novel from those (“Afterlife Salesman” and “Existence Flasher”, a science fiction lite series). I like the freedom that it gives me to do and write anything, but force me to write in a time frame. I sometimes need an extra push to get things written down, but with this I just have to wait until November!

What are you writing about this year?
This year I am continuing the story from my previous year. Last year, I wrote a story called “Afterlife Salesman”. It was a story about a man named Hal Brandon, who has been unemployed for a long amount of time. One day he finds a really strange job as a salesman. This salesman job sells people their own personal afterlife. The story shows his journey into this strange world of even stranger jobs. This is the continuation of the first novel, “Existence Flasher”. Still following the story from the first novel, this one finds Hal doing well with his new job and even better with his new girlfriend, but something has come up and Hal has to decide between his new life or a different one that he knows nothing about. A life in the Underground. A place with forgotten and unsavory jobs.

What is your favorite movie – you have to pick just one!
My favorite movie differs depending on my mood. I worked at a movie theater for over ten years, so I have seen many films. I also write reviews for a small movie review Facebook page, but my favorite movies rarely change. I have to choose one so it will have to be the movie that I can watch over and over again. Saving Private Ryan. I’m a World War II history buff, when I’m not writing or working and this film is great across the board.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
My advice for fellow Wrimos are all things that people say over and over. Just write. Don’t edit. If you are a person who have to have everything perfect then as soon as you finish writing a chapter or page. Pretend that it is already gone and you no longer can edit. If that doesn’t work, just remember that December is supposed to be editing month! Another piece of advice is to write what you are passionate about. Be it either the genre you like or your own version of your favorite television show or movie, or even break the rules and write about your life, but add robots or a new pet that you always wish you had. A third and final piece of advice is don’t stress about meeting the mark, yes it is supposed to be 50,000 words, but if it’s your first time getting down just 25,000 words is an accomplishment.

Sneaky Ninja question! Who would you go to if you desperately needed help?
If I was ever desperately in need of help I would go to my father or mother first. They have been with me ever since… well the beginning. They are always around to give me their advice or help when I ask for it. They are also a couple really nice people that people are lucky to know. I could speak highly of them for ages, but what good what that do for people who have never met them? It would all seem rather one-sided. But just take my word for it.


My name is Ryan Slaughter and before eighth grade I despised writing. I was a good student, but never wanted to be in honors classes, I liked being ‘the smart one’ in class. On the first day of eighth grade, I found out that my guidance counselor bamboozled me and stuck me in an English honors class. This teacher was tough and for one assignment we had to write our own story. I found out that I enjoyed creating a new universe on paper and wrote well-beyond the needed page limit. I came into class the day it was due with a stack of papers three times as thick as anyone else’s and I was proud. Weeks passed before I got a grade. A B-. I was irate. But what angered me the most was what my teacher wrote. ‘This story seems rushed’. I was so furious with him that it changed me as a person. I decided to become a writer to spite him. This teacher passed away a few years ago and I’m still trying to become a writer to spite him, in his honor for making me the person I am today.

Thanks for answering these questions, Ryan!


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