Writer’s retreat and accountability progress

Hey friends and followers–I know, long time no blog. It’s been a kinda busy time–a few publications, starting a podcast, and so on. But here’s a new thing!

I’m on my way to Kansas again, this time for a four-week writer’s retreat. Well, to be precise, I’m writing this post from a motel room in Bloomington, Illinois, which was about halfway between Hamilton and Lawrence. I’ll be auditing one workshop in the first two weeks, and participating in an alumni novelist workshop in the last two weeks, but compared with other workshop programs, I’m going to need to push myself to get writing done.

So I’m coming back to this blog, (as well as a few other places great writers gather,) to share my progress and hold myself accountable. My general pie-in-the-sky goal is to have measurable progress on my own writing projects for every full day that I’m in Kansas. (As in, excluding the travel days arriving and leaving–I don’t get to drive over to Missouri just to get a day off writing.)

As I work on that I’ll probably come up with other goals, but that’s the first iteration. Wish me luck, and a safe drive tomorrow!


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