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Chris Kelworth lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and he works in Burlington as a computer software developer under an assumed name.

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  1. i like that. under an assumed name.


  2. Ann Best says:

    I saw your comment on my blog just now.

    I’m trying to set up a WordPress blog. Can’t figure much out so far, but I’m determined. I know I’ll need help, but I won’t give up. I’m hoping my web designer son will find time to help me!

    An assumed name. Hmmm. I’ve often thought of doing that, won’t say why.


  3. Please email me at annekalbert AT gmail DOT com. You left a comment on my blog re Lindsay Downs’ interview and you’re the winner of Lindsay’s book, Target Identified.


  4. How’s it going? Another software developer who writes – me too Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  5. annduncan says:

    Chris, you still planning to be at the Night of Writing Dangerously in SF?



  6. Hey, Chris, am I missing a place to email you? Here, I’ll give you some reasons to email ME: I’m half-Canadian; I hail from Ticonderoga, NY (“I can see Burlington from my house!” to paraphrase my least-favorite quasi-politician); and I really want to know if this book is currently — or when it will be — available in its entirety ’cause I wanna read it! Does any of that warrant a response? Please?



  7. Manuel Royal says:

    Hi, Chris! Nice blog. I was curious — are you on Absolute Write? In case you’re not familiar with that particular mesage board, I’ve found it very useful as a writer.


  8. Short and sweet. I like it. Wanted to say hello and that I’m enjoying reading your blog.


  9. Sue says:

    You’re involved in so many writing activities I thought for sure you must be retired. Where do you find the time?? I am retired and don’t have the time to do all you do. Maybe I’m just not dedicated enough. I’m a neighbour by the way. I live in London just down the road 😀


  10. Hello, Chris. I found your blog through the 4th Campaign, and thought I’d say hello. DId that.

    I used to live in Oakville, and worked as a freelancer in Burlington fairly frequently. Is the Water Street Cooker still open?


  11. Ty-shaun says:

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! And yes, I wanted people to THINK. I enjoy placing enigmas in my work. Some don’t like it, for example: most readers, but that’s part of the plan. The words most of the contestents used in their stories, and most authors, gave it away. I dislike that, you know, I do not like being straight-forward unless I must. But a writers job is to make the reader think, not TELL them. Maybe my work is too hard, but is that a bad thing? Well, yes, at times it is and then at times tis perfect.

    And see was a pun for sea, you see? Boat captains have good sight when at sea.


  12. Yet another writer of software and fiction. Good stuff, keep it up!
    Did I say thanks for the comment on my 6SS and for the pingback? Cheers!


  13. Debbie says:

    Hi neighbour! 🙂 Love the “assumed name”. I use an assumed last name on the internet. Cheers!


  14. mickisclark says:

    Because I love your blog, I hereby bestow you with a Liebster: http://escapefromcrystalcastle.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/liebster-award/


  15. […] nominated (and HELL YES I’m gonna accept). I’m deeply honored to have been nominated by Chris Kelworth whose posts in The Kelworth Files cover subjects ranging from frustrations encountered annotating […]


  16. Hey mate, I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award, on account of me enjoying all of your writing-related posts. No pressure to accept it or pass it along (especially if you’ve just done one of these), but I thought of your blog so I wanted to give you the award. If you accept it you can nominate as many or as few people as you want. Link: http://drsylvesterfiction.com/2014/07/22/blog-award-nomination-99356-words/


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