Subject Index

Beat sheets

Analysis of favorite movies according to the Blake Snyder ‘Beat sheet’ structure.
More information about Beat sheets.

  1. SerenitySerenity 2, the update!
  2. The Simpsons Movie
  3. The Princess Bride
  4. Dodgeball
  5. Die Hard
  6. Shaun of the Dead

Blog Spotlights

Features on other writing blogs.

  1. Just Jen
  2. Quick Brown Fox
  3. Teralyn Rose Pilgrim
  4. Blogfest special: Show me yours!
  5. Donna Hole
  6. And this time, concentrate!
  7. Tossing it out, A-Z blog challenge.
  8. Rach Writes & the Second Writer’s Platform-Builder’s Crusade
  9. Alison Pearce Stevens.
Crusader Spotlights
  1. The Golden Eagle.
  2. Writes of Passage.
  3. Every other writer has a blog…
  4. Word + Stuff

Blog the cat

Going through Blake Snyder’s ‘Save the Cat’ chapter by chapter.


  1. What is it? (Loglines)
  2. Give me the same thing… only different! (Story genres)
  3. It’s about a guy who… (Characters)
  4. Let’s beat it out! (Beat sheets, revisited.)
  5. Building the perfect beast. (The scene board.)
  6. The Immutable Laws of Screenplay Physics. (Common sense rules.)
  7. What’s wrong with this picture? (Fixing a broken screenplay.)
  8. Where do we go from here?


– see Fandom Gatherings


A series on my efforts at fanart and tips for anyone else crazy enough to try it.

  1. Serenity Kaylee/Simon wallpaper.
  2. Love will last forever banner.
  3. My Alien Wife banner.
  4. Doctor Who/Roswell crossover banner.
  5. Two Max/Liz fanfic banners.
  6. Wizards of Roswell crossover banner.
  7. Support Stacie auction signature banner series.
  8. Two ensemble and focus fanfic banners.
  9. Two Firefly banners.
  10. Lots of small wallpapers.
  11. The art of Arranging.
  12. Coming first circle.

Fandom gatherings

My experiences with conventions and other special events in the fandom community.

  1. Toronto Serenity Charity Screening
  2. Polaris
  3. Fan Expo, Friday
  4. Fan Expo, Saturday
  5. Fan Expo, Sunday
  6. Departure for Browncoat Ball
  7. Browncoat Ball recap
  8. Browncoat Ball day 1 time capsule
  9. Wizard World 2011 – Quick dispatch
  10. Wizard World 2011 – Friday’s Diary
  11. Wizard World 2011 – Saturday’s Diary
  12. Wizard World 2011 – Sunday’s Diary

July Novel Writing Month 2010

A few posts relating to my participation in JulNoWriMo 2010.

  1. Starts today.
  2. A quick update.
  3. Almost there.

National Novel Writing Month 2010

My experiences of Nanowrimo November in 2010, including my second trip to San Francisco to attend a “Night of Writing Dangerously.”

Script Frenzy

Extreme scriptwriting in the spring of 2011

Snowflake method

My experiences using the snowflake method in October 2010 to prepare for National Novel Writing Month.

  1. Steps one and two.
  2. Step three.
  3. Step four.
  4. Step five.

A Wizard of Mars

Reviewing and deconstructing Diane Duane’s latest novel week by week.

  1. Chapter 1: Terra Cognita
  2. Chapter 2: Gili Montag
  3. Chapter 3: Syrtis Major
  4. Chapter 4: Wellakh
  5. Chapter 5: Nili Patera
  6. Chapter 6: Arsia Mons
  7. Chapter 7: Stokes
  8. Chapter 8: Shamask-Eilith
  9. Chapter 9: Gusev
  10. Chapter 10: Burroughs
  11. Chapter 11: Olympus Mons
  12. Chapter 12: Tharsis Montes
  13. Chapter 13: Oceanidum Mons (Y is for Young Wizards)
  14. Chapter 14: Aurorae Chaos
  15. Chapter 15: Meridiani Planum
  16. Chapter 16: Elysium

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