Quick guide for Hamilton Wrimos…

Okay, hopefully, you’re here because you’re a Hamilton writer trying to sign in and get to the Hamilton region on the site. If not, then please go away. šŸ˜‰

1. Go to http://www.nanowrimo.org/

2. You might see a couple of different things when you first go to that page. If one of them is “Ready to write a novel?”, then first you need to sign in or sign up for the site. Otherwise, skip to step 5

If you see the words “Sign in” in the top right corner, then click or tap on them.
If not, then you’re probably on a mobile device or in a small browser window, and the log in icon will be at the top left, looking a bit like a head and shoulders.

3. If you can log in without problems, (your browser may have even saved your password!) go on to step 5. Otherwise, click the “Request new password” link.

4. Type in your email address and click on “E-mail new password.” If it tells you that your email isn’t found, then click on “Create New Account”.
(Note, the full account creation process is not covered by this guide.)

6. So hopefully, by this point, you’ve logged in and you’re on the Nanowrimo home page again. Scroll down, look for the map icon, and click on it. (You may need to tap more than once on a touchscreen.)

7. Hopefully, this will take you to Canada :: Ontario :: Hamilton!

7. If not, you’ll need to go through Regions -> Find my Region. (Either the Regions menu will be visible in the top of the site, or there’ll be a menu icon up in the top right that you can click to expand the menu.)
You can search for Hamilton under “All Regions”, join the region, and then (if you want to,) make it your home region.

I hope this has been helpful, and you can leave comments here if you have questions.

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