Blank pages and the eloquence of wordlessness

May 26, 2012

Vikki at ‘The View Outside’ posted about writer’s block a week ago, and included a poem from Andy Szpuk about looking at the blank page. It was a really nice poem, and reading an eloquent and poetic word picture of the sensation of not having the right words reminded me of a favorite song, “Blank Pages”, by Patricia Conroy, from her ‘Bad Day for Trains’ album. The song tells the story of someone about to leave a relationship and trying to compose either a letter or a speech to explain why. I’m not going to include the full lyrics here, but I can’t resist sharing a few of my favorite lines:

Blank pages staring at me; I don’t know what to say.
But I’ve got to tell you something before I leave today…

No, the words won’t help me to explain just how this hurts me so.
Read between the tears on these blank pages; maybe then you’ll know.

Have you ever come across the perfect words to describe the sensation of not knowing what to say or write?

Precis of ‘Big Bow Wow’

July 4, 2011

This synopsis of the lyrics of ‘Big Bow Wow’ contains none of the sailing jargon or figures of speech of the original, as far as I can tell.

You can buy this album on Itunes!

We left Yarmouth with the wind blowing hard. Everything on the ship looked great. The captain came out on deck, poked all around, and finally found something that we hadn’t done to order us to do.

Then he rushes off back to his cabin, calls for the steward, and immediately starts on the good booze because it was so cold and wet up on deck. Meanwhile, he won’t let any of the sailors have any watered-down rum and keeps swearing at us and saying that we’re no good.

So we talk to each other about how much fun it would be to push the captain overboard and let the sharks eat him.

My Browncoat Fridge Magnet Poetry Journey, 2

June 28, 2011

My second try didn’t come into focus. I’m speaking mostly about the camera, here:

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My Browncoat Fridge Magnet Poetry Journey, 1

June 21, 2011

So, one of the things I bought at the CSTS charity auction this past weekend was a set of Firefly ‘fridge poetry magnets’ – a huge set of little phrases and words that could be stuck on any suitable surface and rearranged together. I thought that I’d chronicles a few of my adventures in fridge magnet poetry here.

First – here’s the fridge, with all the magnets loaded up onto it. Please excuse the stains. 😉

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