A few quick announcements!

February 3, 2016

First off–I sold a story! “Love is a Masterpiece” is going to be released in the next few weeks by the Gallery of Curiosities podcast. There are a few more details over at the author blog, and stay tuned there for further announcements.

Secondly, I’m doing the A to Z challenge again in April 2016, focusing on my drawings, so go and subscribe at my drawing blog, Drawing Teddy Bears, for all 26 drawings!

Hope 2016 is treating you well.

February joinings

February 2, 2012

Okay, I’ve joined or decided to join a few things recently, so I thought I’d just take a moment to share them with all of you.

First – though I’ve considered myself a writing Ninja for many a month, ever since I first heard about NiNoWriMo, I have finally taken the plunge, joined the Writer’s Dojo, and done the placement workout to find my ninja rank. As you can see, I’ve got the blue belt, with one red stripe, and I think I’ll be there for a while, because to get to green belt I need to go through the blue belt with two red stripes, and that one is unexpectedly hardcore! (Pitch to an agent or editor in person, or get an agent contract.)

But I suggest that you check out the ninja dojo if you haven’t heard of it, there’s lots of great authors, and they’re holding an online writer’s conference on Saturday the 4th!

Second bit of news is that I signed up for the A to Z challenge this April. It was a lot of fun doing A-Z in 2011, and I got to meet a lot of fun bloggers. This year, I’m going to make my theme… Script Frenzy and script writing, to raise awareness for the Script Frenzy event, and avoid having to split my focus so much between A-Z and the Frenzy.

I’ve also signed up for the Hook, Line, and Sinker blogfest, which looks like a lot of fun. If I don’t post an entry for that on February 13th, remind me, okay? I have this horrible habit of forgetting blogfests that I’ve committed too. Hopefully, I’ll have the first 1000 words or so¬†of ‘The Scroll’ ready to tease by then.

And in just a few days, signups will open for the Fourth Platform-building Campaign! I’m looking forward to that, and hope to bring back the ‘Campaigner Spotlight’ interview series!

So much fun stuff happening, even in dreary February, huh?

Blogosphere spotlight: Cerebral Lunchbox

August 30, 2011

Hi guys. I’m winding down from Fan Expo and gearing up for Dragon*Con at the same time, so I’ll toss out a somewhat overdue blog spotlight for you to take a look at.

Cerebral Lunchbox is a place that I found looking through the blogroll over at Elizabeth Twist’s. It hasn’t been updated that much since the A to Z challenge back in April, but even those older posts make for great reading, and there’s a great piece up today listing the four best reasons to watch the new Doctor Who episode. Plus rambles and snack-sized pieces of information. Come on, admit it – your brain needs a snack!

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