Ninja Spotlight #5: Eric Kent Edstrom

July 21, 2012

Hi, gang, I think it’s time for another spotlight, what about you? Tonight I’m pleased to present Eric Edstrom, a fellow Dojo Ninja who has a book out!

What does your voice sound like?

My speaking voice is somewhat breathy, not particularly loud, but filled with humor and irony. Pretty much like my writing voice.

What social class, if any, are you a part of?

I am royalty. (in my own mind)

How many Ninjas does it take to change a light bulb?

It takes one to shatter a light bulb with a throwing star. Ninja’s want it dark!

Eric Edstrom is the author of The Undermountain Saga, a YA science fiction series about a group of teens who discover bigfoot’s high-tech city deep under the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Book 2, Afterlife, was released on July 1st 2012. The final installment, Starkiller, will arrive in December 2012.

twitter: @ekedstrom

Thanks for visiting, Eric, and best of luck with Undermountain!

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