Six Sentence Sunday – Gotta have that look 9

August 19, 2012

Remember to check out the full list of participants over at the Six Sentence Sunday home site. In the world of the future, anybody can use genetic treatments to look exactly how they want, except for our hero apparently…

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“You can’t sign a waiver until you’re eighteen, Jimmy – and I couldn’t give you one anyway for this kind of allergy. But we can get you started on the rest of your program.”

I was tempted to tell him to shove the program, that if I couldn’t have green eyes none of it was any use, but… “Yeah, let’s go with the rest.”

I’ve always been better with computers than people. After I got home with that first treatment doing its job on all of my cells, I crawled onto the Graph and found out a lot about my local Transform-U franchise, including several details that they don’t really want customers finding out about.

I’ll try to send cupcakes or other fun treats to everybody who comments – no promises this week, though.

Six Sentence Sunday – Gotta have that look 8

August 12, 2012

Thanks very much to the mods at Six Sentence Sunday for keeping order in the list, week after week. I’m glad if you’ve been enjoying my little story about teenage science fiction and genetic treatments to look good…

First Six. Second Six. Third Six. Fourth Six. Fifth Six. Sixth Six.
Seventh Six.

“I’m sorry, I tried every green-eye variant that we’ve got in the state. You’ve got an overactive genetic defense mechanism on your P2BKY-3 receptor, and -you’re allergic to green eyes. You’d be miserable until well after the color faded. I’ve got a call out, there might be somebody who’s got a new green sequence ready to go that we can get shipped in.”

“No, you don’t understand!” I exclaimed. “I can deal with… with a runny nose and itchy eyes, or whatever the allergy symptoms are.”

I’d love it very much if you told me what you thought. (Sorry, out of cookies this week.)

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