Thank you for four hundred!

December 28, 2011

Well, this is my four-hundredth post, and I’d like to thank all of my readers for giving me the support and encouragement to make it this far.

And, so, what better time to send shoutouts to the most valuable people who have helped make the Kelworth Files what it is today. In alphabetical order:

Arlee Bird:  Arlee is one of the shining lights of the blogosphere, of course, patron of the A to Z challenge and a regularly seen avatar in the platform-building campaigns and challenges. I always look forward to seeing a comment from Arlee, be it about books, business cards, or public transit – and I’m looking forward to the 2012 A to Z! Thanks so much, Arlee.

Avatar139: Big shout-outs to the first guy to volunteer to be a guest post author for the Kelworth Files, of course. He’s also expressed some interesting thoughts in comments on my post, talking about his muse and his feminine side, LARPing, and writing for the money.

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Campaigner Spotlight: An Eclectic Muse

October 3, 2011

Good evening, Campaigners! Tonight I’m shining the spotlight on Barbara Evers and her blog, An Eclectic Muse! Take it away, Barbara!

Thanks for such easy questions (she says sarcastically).
What does your voice sound like?
I live in the South, but I’ve been told I don’t sound like a southerner.  My father was a college professor (Go Clemson!), so I was surrounded by educated people and taught to speak properly.  In other words, I don’t say “git.” I do have a slight accent that becomes more pronounced if I’m tired or upset, and I do say “ya’ll.”  Because I’m auditory, I can imitate accents, so I will automatically start to pick up sounds and phrasings if I’m around people with a different accent for extended periods of time. Not on purpose, it just happens. If you want to know what my writing voice sounds like, please visit my blog, An Eclectic Muse.

What do you have in your pockets right now?
If you mean my physical pockets, then nothing.  I rarely use my pockets, but if I do have something in them it’s usually some form of pain reliever like Imitrex or Tylenol. Story lines and characters lurk in my mind’s pockets waiting for me to draw them out. My family and work take up a good bit of space in my metaphorical pockets, too.

Who would you go to if you desperately needed help?
That depends on what kind of help I needed.  If it’s related to my writing, I have a few close friends that I turn to for feedback and help.  If it’s work-related, I’m going to look for a subject matter expert.  My husband is number one if the issue is personal.  Those are the simple answers, but your question assumes I ask for help.  I tend to fly solo and try to solve things on my own…sometimes too much.

Blog blurb:
I’m a very curious person, and the muse knows it. An Eclectic Muse leads you on journeys, normal and rare, but always with an eye toward new insight. Please drop by and join me in these versatile jaunts. Maybe you’ll find that key detail you need to arc your story forward.  Maybe you’ll discover a flash of inspiration.  Or maybe you’ll encounter a kindred spirit. No matter what you find, I provide jaunts weekly on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Grab your gear and come along for the ride. Are you brave enough to follow the muse wherever she leads me?

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