Some Letters and Light in my life

August 28, 2012

Hi, all. Back from Fan Expo now, recovered from that excitement ready – and it’s pretty much time to start packing for Dragon*Con! 😀 But I do have a few other things to share with you about matters of Nano

Inching towards Camp Victory! At this point my August Camp Nanowrimo word count for “The Witches of Arion” is 47 thousand and 127 words – which means I’m less than three thousand away with 3 days to go. I was able to manage to tick over a thousand words a day or so even in the highest craziness of Fan Expo, so I really don’t think I’ll have a problem cruising over the finish line, maybe Friday morning. 🙂

Beta bugger once again. There’s not much to say about this, except that I will be working once again to help make sure that the Nano site is as bug-free as possible in October.

Just maybe possibly a Nano co-ML. I sent in an application to become a National Novel Writing Month co-ML for Hamilton. (That’s a local group leader and organizer of write-ins and other fun outings for crazy obsessed writers.) I haven’t heard back officially, but I think the signs are good that my application will be stamped ‘approved’ – or whatever other really fun thing Sarah Mackey does to initiate a new co-ML.

And out of the blue… Grant Faulkner added me as a noveling buddy on the nanowrimo website yesterday evening. I’m not sure if he just happened to log on, realized that he had no noveling buddies, and added the three other wrimos who had already added him as buddies or not, but seeing that little Nanomail notification made me smile.

I’m already looking forward to November. Am I the only one?

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