Nano Spotlight: Lesbian romance author, Joann Lee

November 21, 2013

Good morning, friends and followers. Quick spotlight update, I think I’ve got enough interviews in the queue to last me until Nov 29th, so I’m sending out emails to anybody who got sent an interview and never returned it. If none of them are able to get me the answers quickly, I guess I’ll pick one of my alternates out of a hat. ūüėČ But for today, here’s Joann.

Joann’s history with NaNoWriMo:
I’ve participated in NaNo three years in a row. I’ve also participated in a couple of the Camp NaNo sessions. The first time I attempted NaNo, I wasn’t certain if I’d be able to hit the 50k in a month. I was¬†pleasantly¬†surprised when I not only hit the word count, but I surpassed it! I write all the time, not just during NaNo, but I tend to push myself harder during the month of November.

What are you writing about this year?
This year I am writing another lesbian romance. It’s mostly all that I write. In this particular story Emma, a young woman from a very religious background, has to learn how to accept herself and the world around her.

Who’s the best character in your Nano novel?
Luna. Luna is a music teacher at a small town school who¬†befriends¬†Emma when she first arrives in town. She’s a bit eccentric when it comes to her¬†eclectic¬†tastes in everything from food, music, and¬†Gothic¬†clothing choices.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
For someone who is tackling NaNo for the first time I would tell them to never give up. Writing involves a lot of¬†discipline and you should set aside some time to at least write something every single day. Sometimes the words won’t come as easily as others, but keep going!

Sneaky Ninja question!¬†What’s your beverage of choice while writing?
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